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Tooth extraction at 11 weeks.

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everythinghippie29 Thu 23-May-13 09:36:05

Terrible toothache from a back molar, can't eat, sleep or drink it hurts so bad. Been told it will likely be an extraction as I don't want a root canal but everywhere is saying first trimester I shouldn't have any dentistry.

I can't stand this for over a week. Have an emergency appointment at 11:30 but don't know what to do.

Bunnylion Thu 23-May-13 10:35:02

Can you ask your doctor to prescribe some pain relief suitable during pregnancy?

People say don't do ANYTHING during the first trimester because its the most sensitive trimester, but sometimes individual circumstances should be weighed up and go against this blanket advice.

Speak to your doctor and dentist to confirm but local anaesthetic to your head won't effect your pregnancy. I had it at the dentist at 12 weeks, as well as 2 dental x-rays (which expose your womb to similar levels of radiation as a 4 hour flight).

If your not comfortable with having it done now then really see your doctor for pain relief.

janey1234 Thu 23-May-13 10:37:24

I had two fillings in the first trimester. The dentist did them without an x-ray and said that all they did was avoid one type of local anaesthetic - all the others are harmless. Try not to worry and have the treatment done that you need before the tooth gets worse and you get an abscess or something. Good luck!

123234345 Thu 23-May-13 10:51:10

I had a local anaesthetic at the dentist the other day (I'm 6.5 weeks) and he wasn't concerned about the risk. I think dentists try to avoid x-rays during pregnancy if possible and I think I read somewhere that they should avoid removing amalgam fillings during pregnancy (although I had exactly that done the other day). It's all about managing small (and unknown) levels of risk.

The best thing about going to the dentist when you're pregnant is that it's FREE!

everythinghippie29 Thu 23-May-13 12:37:04

Tooth out and face now swelled to twice the size but finally numb so no pain for a little while. He didn't X-ray but was generally very good. I'm still shaking but nearly vibrated of his chair!

Been sick a few times since I came home but happier that its out. Supposed to be going on holiday to Cornwall today but really don't feel up for it confused.

Urrgg I hate the dentist, at least only a week until scan to check on bump. smile.

MrsMorton Thu 23-May-13 12:40:04

Why do you hate him if you said he was generally very good? A little harsh IMO.

janey1234 Thu 23-May-13 12:51:39

MrsMorton I presume the OP meant that she hates going to the dentist in general, which a vast number of people do - especially when it results in a massively swollen face. I don't think it was a personal attack confused

OP - hope that you feel better soon and well done for getting through this morning!

MrsMorton Thu 23-May-13 12:56:27

Perhaps it would have been better to say that then? I'm a dentist and am sick and bored of the first thing that people say to me being "I hate the dentist". Left your manners at home today have you?

Just saying.

Willabywallaby Thu 23-May-13 13:10:01

The best one for me was when I met my HV when DS1 was 10 days old and it a bit of a mess. I wasn't being a dentist then, but a mother.

everythinghippie29 Thu 23-May-13 13:42:31

Sorry, certainly didn't mean to offend any dentists out there but some don't handle scared patients very well, part of the reason I'm so nervous now is an uncaring attitude from previous dentists! I am on painkillers and thought the fact that I'd established he was a good dentist would imply that I am in fact that it wasn't personal but rather that I am phobic of the dentist and do hate going in general (more so when I am pregnant, worried, sleep and food deprived).

I'm sure there are fab dentists out there, I'm still scared of you all though! grin

janey1234 Thu 23-May-13 14:00:52

Suspected as much MrsMorton. Unfortunately that applies to many careers - I work for a newspaper and get the same all the time! And my poor cousin who works at the checkout in a high street bank for a pittance is often subjected to lectures about "evil bankers" and how they ruined our country, when city traders are a million miles away from retail bank employees. Personally I choose not to get offended at throwaway comments which clearly aren't intentionally aimed at me.

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