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Haemorrhoids and in terrible pain.

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StupidFlanders Thu 23-May-13 01:28:14

My horrible story:

I'm having this baby next Wednesday by cesarean.

2 days ago I got my first haemorrhoid (this is day 3). It wasn't too bad so I was very careful but woke the next day in tears from the pain. The midwife dismissed it as "normal pregnancy" but I can barely function so went to my gp.

He had a look and tried to push them back (I was crying) he said it was really bad and I'd need to see a specialist but wasn't sure how to go about it as the hospital may have their own system since I'm so pregnant.

Had an obstetrics appt later in the arvo. She could see I was in pain, I told her what my gp said and she basically told me it was unfortunate but they prob wouldn't do anything this close to having a baby. She didn't even look at them.

Do I just sit here in agony and put up with it? I've read heaps of USA websites where women have been treated this close to birth. Will it go away? I can't imagine as they seem to be getting worse every second.

StupidFlanders Thu 23-May-13 06:53:02


LillyofWinchester Thu 23-May-13 07:44:15

I would go back to your GP, explain what happened when you saw the hospital and ask for a referral to the specialist, I have no idea what treatment they could offer you this close to delivery but at least you'll get an expert opinion.

I think the treatment itself can be pretty painful to recover from so that's why they might not do it, if you had to recover from a c section and another op at the same time it might be too much, although someone else may know more about the procedure than me.

I really do sympathise though, it's horrible and not what you need so close to delivery. On the bright side sometimes they get better within a few days (as in get less painful even though they are still there).

Make sure you don't get constipated after the c section - the painkillers you get plus sitting around recovering don't bode we'll and if you get constipated the pain will come back.

lookingfoxy Thu 23-May-13 07:51:49

I would go back to your GP as well, he can at least give you some cream for them, I would also ask for something to keep you regular for after the birth until they disappear.
If you've not been constipated they're most likely caused by the pressure from baby's head so should start to get better very soon after delivery.

StupidFlanders Thu 23-May-13 10:44:16

Thank you for replying!

I've just asked dh to get me something I've seen on the Internet. I'm afraid it's probably too late now to go back to gp and get a referral then make an appointment with a specialist.

I had no idea they could be this painful! I don't think I could handle this pain with the cesarean recovery.

rrreow Thu 23-May-13 12:02:11

I'm sorry to hear you've been in such pain. I have them but they're mostly uncomfortable/itchy, not painful. From experience though, in the very last stages of pregnancy, especially once the baby has dropped down, it's simply the pressure of the baby that makes them pop out/swell up.

I'd see if there are ways to manage the pain now (I think you can get Anusol prescribed, take paracetamol or discuss with GP if you can get stronger painkillers) and wait with any more permanent treatment until after your baby is born, as they may well subside as soon as the pressure is no longer there.

Good luck, hope you get some relief.

StupidFlanders Thu 23-May-13 13:23:16

Thank you, I'm going back to dr tomorrow, I really hope it clears up after the baby.

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