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"Being made a fuss of" - does this actually happen...?

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somanystripes Wed 22-May-13 17:00:45

I am clearly in a angry mood this afternoon, but I'm getting on for 18 weeks and still feeling pretty rough, TBH. Every time I read about/talk to anyone about pregnancy sickness/feeling crap the advice seems to be 'just let your DH/family/friends make a fuss of you' and 'just let people do things for you so you can rest'.

Does this actually happen in RL? I'm expecting DC2, DH and I both work full time, and while friends and family are pleased we're having another baby I don't think it's really featuring that high on their radar at the moment, so I'm certainly not being 'made a fuss of' (even - or especially - by DH!) and don't expect to be ffs. My DD is a toddler so not really many opportunities to rest and I'm not going to ask people to put themselves out so I can have a nap!

Is everyone else really being treated like porcelain and getting people cooing and fussing over their expanding stomach, and being tucked up in bed with a cold flannel on their brow? Am I really just a envy cow if they are?

PseudoBadger Sat 25-May-13 23:22:43

We (DP and 2 year old DS) live with my parents. I'm 20 weeks today and all I get is competitive tiredness from DP and my mum, and my dad is completely oblivious.
I'd love a nap during the day <sobs> and I've also experienced a midwife just assuming I'm getting plenty of rest etc.

Fuckwittery Sun 26-May-13 05:50:14

Certainly not by train companies or most fellow commuters judging by the massive thread in AIBU....

HopefullA Mon 27-May-13 13:20:06

Not in my house - im still cooking, cleaning, laundry and working full time and walking dogs at 6am too.....

I have to nag for a cuppa decaf tea in the night and he doesnt do washing up or anyting.

So nope, not yet. Im nearly 16weeks and startgin to get a bump which is noticable- waiting for a bigger one where i can play up on it otherwise nope, nothing.....

Going to my inlaws in India this weekend - normally i hate it but am actually hoping to be fussed over by the maid and the inlaws.... imagine...

My mom is not due to visit til im ready to pop and i really want her to fuss over me now... sad

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