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Tell me what you know about "placenta infection"?

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TheNobodies Wed 22-May-13 15:11:39

I had this in my first pregnancy which resulted in me loosing my little boy at 23week's.. They also suspected a weak cervix. I wasn't told anything about it apart from I had one and I have a higher chance in my future pregnancies.

I was stupid a googled it... I've basically read that you can get it from your cervix being weak.. And research has shown if yII had it In your first pregnancy it's 50)50 getting it with your next?

I also read that when you have an infection in your placenta you get the flue.. Which I had a the while week before I lost him, annoyed I didnt notice.

Please share what you know, I'm dreading future pregnancies even though I cant get past 5+5 weeks due to other problems!

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