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Cervical sweep- how early will they do it?

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Cookethenook Mon 20-May-13 09:32:36

I'm 39 weeks at the moment and although my body feels like it's gearing up for birth (lots of false starts, contractions, lost my mucus plug weeks ago) i really don't see it happening any time soon. DS1 came at 36 weeks, so it feels very odd to me that i've gone this far!

I'm booked in for a sweep at 40+5 in the eve. After getting home from the mw, i had a think and realised that this was a bit of a silly time to do it, as i'd like to be induced at 41 weeks on the dot and so it only really gives the sweep a day and a bit to get itself going.

I have various reasons for not wanting to go too overdue. After after half term, both sets of our parents are very busy (one set going on holiday) and childcare for DS1 when i go into labour is going to be tricky after that time. The school run is a 3 mile round trip twice a day and walking it is becoming very hard. Also i'm only a small human being! DS was 6lb12 at 36 weeks and he had trouble coming out, so i'm terrified about giving birth to a monstrous baby! I know it all sounds very silly, but i'm just not ok with going past 41 weeks.

Will they give me a sweep at 40 weeks exactly? Am i going to be bombarded with questions about why i don't want to just see how it goes?


Splatt34 Mon 20-May-13 10:35:07

my mw said i could have a sweep anytime from 40 weeks. Well that was Sat & i have one booked for tomorrow but it worked last time so fingers crossed. I am desperate to not be induced, they normally don't induce til +10 or +12 depending on hospital

KookyKitty Mon 20-May-13 10:53:46

I'm having one tomorrow and i'll be 40 weeks exactly. No harm in asking the question and seeing what they say.

mildred37 Mon 20-May-13 11:32:18

My midwife is coming to do mine at 40+2 tomorrow, but she did give me the option of having another midwife come and do it on my due date, so it's possible. Give your MW a call, if you don't ask....;)

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