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BMI over 30- what next

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MrsVDB Mon 20-May-13 07:54:25


I was doing slimming world before bfp and lost nearly a stone but bmi is still 34. I need to lose another 2 stone to get under 30.

I'm only 4 weeks pregnant and still doing slimming world so will hopefully lose more yet but I have heard if your bmi is over 30 you can't use a birthing pool etc. when do they weigh you to decide this?

Also hoping I don't get too many negative comments from doctors and mw. Yes I'm overweight and it's not ideal but I already know that!

Thanks in advance smile

TinkyPeet Mon 20-May-13 08:09:09

My bmi at bookin in was 37 and I haven't been told I can't use or can't do anything? X

craftycottontail Mon 20-May-13 08:11:08

Congratulations! You'll be weighed at your booking in appointment (normally around 8-10 weeks depending on your surgery).

Your BMI and implications will depend on your local trust so can only tell you my experience (in Norfolk) - mine was 31 at booking in and all it's meant is that I had to have a gestational diabetes test at 28 weeks. My results were great so no indication of problems. I'm planning on a water birth hopefully and nothing was ever said about this not being an option. The BMI cut off for gestational diabetes testing is 30 in Norfolk but in other places it's 35, so you might not even have to do that!

sonu678 Mon 20-May-13 08:13:32

The aim is to stay the same weight at the end of pregnancy as you were at the beginning, from what I recall.
I wouldnt be worried about whether or not I was allowed to use a birthing pool. The decision is based on whether that is the best thing for your child, not whether you want it or not. If that makes sense?

nannyl Mon 20-May-13 08:13:35

firstly you can decline being weighed

you do not have to be have this (and nor do you have to consent to any other test or procedure offered)

It may be policy not to allow you in the birth centre / birth pool etc etc.

there is nothing at all stopping you doing whatever you want to do at home though wink... though you will almost be certainly discouraged based on your BMI if you let them weigh you in the first place

KelleStar Mon 20-May-13 08:14:22

My BMI is the same this time, at booking in your weight and BMI are confirmed, they won't weigh you again until about 34 weeks. I lost 4kg (1st pg) and 9kg (2nd pg) in that time but they didn't adjust anything.

It did mean I couldn't give birth at the midwife led unit, I had to be under consultant led care at the nearest hospital. It didn't mean I couldn't use a birthing pool though.

I did have to take a larger dose of folic acid, worth seeing a GP for a prescription, in the first 12 weeks.

I was also referred to a dietician to help me eat healthy in pregnancy, both times. Thought this was a farce as I eat healthy, just struggle to get in enough exercise.

Slimming World is fine to follow while pregnant, if you let your consultant know, as your allowance can change.

In fact the best thing is not to stress about it too much and eat what feels right, this latest pregnancy I had awful nausea and sickness, so that I couldn't eat lots of things and ate whatever I could keep down.

MrsVDB Mon 20-May-13 08:29:19

Thanks everyone that's really helpful. I'll just have too see what happens. It's positive to know it might not be as bad as I think smile

MrsVDB Mon 20-May-13 08:32:43

It's this link that scared me...


Teaandflapjacks Mon 20-May-13 08:44:51

What is wrong with being weighed though? I live in germany and here everyone gets weighed every 4 weeks regardless. I found it really helpful when I had severe MS and we monitored how much weight was lost through that together - as I was worried - and the doctor was a bit too - she was considering medication at one point which I wanted to avoid if poss. Also everyone gets the GD test regardless of history or weight in Germany - I have a friend who is very slim and she ended up having GD, and the risks from having it, whilst worrying- risk of placenta abruption leading to still birth etc are very low - but still there, (and I know some people debate this... but I read up on studies and concluded, whilst tiny, there is a risk there) - so if offered why not just have it. Yes its a pain (I had the long one - standard here) and it was fine.

Back to OP - there is a cut off with BMI for birthing pools (I think it's 35 generally) but I also think does vary between hospitals - not just health authorities. The thing to do would be look at your local hospitals and see if you can find out their polices for these things, so you know where you stand (I guess google?), or just ask your midwife. You can get the odd miserable so and so who may feel that have some sort of right to lecture you, but you can get that for a variety of reasons - not just your weight TBH, but I think they have to tell you certain stuff anyway in the UK on your weight based on NHS procedure - obviously you know what you are doing, and taking care of yourself and your baby, but as with a lot of guidance, they preach to the masses in case one person doesn't have a clue (a bit like cracking nut/hammer.. - its the best they can do I think with limited resources really). So I would expect the to ask you a few q's but you can just say what you have posted above and that should be fine. Also state at booking in you plan for a water birth so they can make a note of that on your records. I think they may refer you to a consultant as standard - but again this can vary.

I also plan for a water birth - but having ask about a dozen friends about their birthing stories - half wanted a WB and not one ended up having one due to various reasons - pool taken up already, once person got in hated it and got out, one wanted an epidural in the end as was in a lot of pain (cant have that in a birthing pool), one needed an emergency c-section due to meconium and baby in distress, etc. So while it is def good to plan for such things, be mindful it might not work how you plan (I have a strict 'no forceps' view which is fine as they are in fact illegal in Germany - but if you feel strongly about such things make sure your birthing partner is on board to back you up when you are a bit out of it). I have just come round to the idea of my 'birthing pool/dolphin music' experience confused may well not work out at all and feel a lot better being clued up at all the possible outcomes. From what you say, you sound like you will be a wonderful Mum and doing everything you can to help you and your little one - congrats and I really hope it all goes ok for you thanks If anyone is rude to you tell them to f off. x

massagegirl Mon 20-May-13 09:00:24

Hi there. I've had problems recently as wanting home birth and bmi is now 34. Was 31 on booking and never caused any problems. Was told that over 35 meant you had to be in consultant care. However my research and talking to other mums and even my lovely midwife has shown that it is your choice where and how you give birth, they can advise you but ultimately if you want a water birth you can have one as it is not to do with risk to you or baby just about how they get you out of water if you fainted etc. I have an app today and if they try I won't get on scales, am 38 weeks on target to have a honebirth and don't want any more problems! Good luck!

bogwoppitinatree Mon 20-May-13 09:32:20

My BMI was 31 at the beginning (shudder to think now at 38 weeks!) Apart from going to a diabetes test, I have not encountered any other issues. I am booked in for a homebirth and went to pick up my pool last week. Good luck!

Splatt34 Mon 20-May-13 10:39:19

my bmi was 35 at booking. meant i had a gtt but not else. Midwife led care. If your mi is above 35 the recommendation is to gain no more than 10kg (i know this from my job not my midwife) at 40+2 have putter on 8.5kg so really pleased. Last time gained 10 but was back at booking weight by 4 weeks pp

MrsVDB Mon 20-May-13 13:35:05

Thanks again everyone. Yes I'm hoping to not put on too much weight. Had food poisoning for the last few days and not been able to eat anything which will help! (Went to gp who wasn't worried). smile

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