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Early scan

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Purpletots Sun 19-May-13 23:57:37

I went for a scan the other day thinking I was 7 weeks and there was only a sack with a yolk sac sad measuring 5 weeks . I'm not even sure what it all means.

I've since read on the net that if an internal scan is done they can see more. Is that right?

I'm going back for another scan in a few weeks. Hopefully we will get to see a tiny baby!

Not even sure why I'm posting to be honest, just feeling a bit meh about things. I had a MC last year and I'm really hoping its not going to happen again.

Aoifebelle Mon 20-May-13 00:05:32

Hey purple tots, I had the same thing. I had a MC last year, now pregnant again. Got some horrendous cramps at about 6 weeks went to the EPU, they scanned me internally and saw pretty much the same as you. They said could be one of three things 1) Ectopic (eeeeekk!) 2) Miscarriage 3) My dates were a bit out. They also took HCG bloods at 48 hour interval, which showed levels doubling. Turned out it was number 3 (phew), I have a 12 week scan tomorrow. 2 weeks is a loooooong time to wait. Maybe ask for the hcg test?

Purpletots Mon 20-May-13 00:25:41

Fab news Aoifebelle!!!

I thought they would have done my bloods too. I might ring my doctors. But then I'll know won't I?? I mean if they aren't going up then that's it sad Man this is shit!!!

Aoifebelle Mon 20-May-13 00:35:53

Yep it is totally shit. Those 48 hours were pretty horrible, however I really would have struggled with waiting two weeks for the rescan without the HCG results under my belt.

I hope you get good news too

Purpletots Mon 20-May-13 00:41:47

I think im going to have to do it, waiting now will be awful!!

Thank you smile

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