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NHS maternity pay question!

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2RedEars Sun 19-May-13 11:34:23

Hi all, a question that has been niggling at me since I found out I was pregnant. I have worked at the same NHS trust for the past 2 years. I got a promotion last November and half my wage is paid by my old department who I still work for and the other is paid by the new department. Will this make any difference to how much I am entitled too? Will I qualify for all benefits since I have worked for the trust for 2 years (no matter where my wage gets paid from?). Im 7 weeks so not going to tell work until I have had my scan. Just want to be prepared. Thanks

Jollyb Sun 19-May-13 12:58:51

Hi you should be fine as the important factor is your overall length of NHS Service. As you have worked for one trust for 2 years (even if in 2 different departments) you should entitled to a combination of occupational maternity pay and statutory maternity pay. The OMP should be based on your higher salary as you will have been earning this during your qualifying weeks- ie the period when they calculate your pay.

I'd speak to your HR team

2RedEars Sun 19-May-13 15:41:34

Thanks Jolly will do

IJustWoreMyTrenchcoat Sun 19-May-13 16:08:28

I would echo Jolly, I had a quite complex question about my leave entitlement when I come back from Maternity Leave (I will be 'at risk' when I go back and my manager was trying to tell me I wouldn't have accrued any leave).

I phoned HR who put me in touch with the Maternity Specialist who is based in The Data Management Department (they will process your application for Mayernity Leave). She was able to check legislation for me. I assume all trusts must have one so try to get in touch with her to put your mind at ease.

I would assume the two departments you work for will each pay part of your maternity like they pay part of your wages.

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