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40+5 and really fed up! Anyone else?

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Squizzo Sun 19-May-13 10:35:51

Ok, so this is my first baby. I was really relaxed about the due date which came and went but now I feel this is getting a bit ridiculous. My bump has grown so big it is now stupidly uncomfortable. It hurts to walk, sit, lie down etc. I have tried everything to get this going. Hot curry, sex, pineapple, clarey sage oil, reflexology (3 times!), long walks, jogging and at my midwife appointment last Thursday I had a stretch and sweep. She said I was 1 1/2cm dilated then but that my cervix was posterior (and needs to be anterior). Up until then I'd had some period type pains and irregular braxton hicks. Last night I was getting very regular braxton hicks (about every 20-30 mins). Is this a good sign or does it mean nothing? I've actually decided to go to our local point to point today for something to do as I'm going stir crazy waiting for something to happen! Anyone else in the same boat or have any idea when this baby might come?

izchaz Sun 19-May-13 15:49:52

I'm not in the same boat, I can't answer any of your questions, but I can hold your hand. Try and stay comfy, they come when they're ready and not a moment sooner. If it were me I'd be trying to enjoy the last few moments of calm I will see for potentially 18+ years. Good luck!

lovedimsum Sun 19-May-13 15:57:59

I feel your pain... I am 41 weeks tomorrow and really fed up. Fed up of being huge, fed up of wearing one last outfit that fits me (aren't maternity clothes meant to last a whole pregnancy?!), fed up of all the texts, messages etc asking if I have any news!!! Had a sweep which did nothing. Have now got appt tomorrow for reflexology to see if that will help. I have 2 other chn and would much rather have the newborn out so I can start getting on with my life rather than living in limbo not being able to make any plans!!!

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