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PG after MC - the Posifrickingtivity gathers pace, the Laura Ashley skirt has been returned

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Bakingtins Sun 19-May-13 08:56:59

New thread ladies, let's hope the good luck continues!
Shall we start with stats?

Sunday 19th May - today we are pregnant!

GaryBuseysTeeth: 1DS, 1MC, EDD 10th Aug
Pentagon: 1 DD, 2MMCs, EDD 31st October, next scan 14th June
BumpKitty: 1MC, 1DD, EDD 12 Nov, next scan 29th April
Shellshock7: 2MC 1DS EDD 12 Nov Next scan 28 June
Bodicea: 0DC, 2MC, EDD 16 Nov. Next scan 25th April
Ibelieveinpink: 2mc, EDD 17 Nov next scan 7th May
Lucky13: 1DS, 1 chemical, 2MC, EDD 23rd Nov, scan 11th May
Janielovescake: 1MC, 0DC, EDD 25 Nov, next scan 11th May
Vocalista86: 1 MMC, EDD 30 November. next scan (12 weeks) 20th May
Vixjane: 2 MC, EDD 30 Nov, next scan (12 weeks) 21 May
Aoifebelle: 1MC, EDD 1st Dec, next scan 20th May (NHS 12 weeks)
Jmf294: 1 DS, 1DD, 1 MC, EDD 10th Dec, scan 3rd May
Zeux 1DD 1MC EDD 14th December, first scan 24th May
DIYandEatCake: 1dd, 1mc, EDD ?16 dec, waiting for scan date
Booty: 1chemical EDD 19 Dec (Xmas baby!) next scan 25th April
pumpkinsweetie: EDD 26 Dec
WillSantaComeAgain: 1DC, 2MMC, EDD 30 Dec, 6 wk scan OK. Next scan ?w/c 17 June
Bakingtins: 2 DSs, 3 MC, EDD 6th Jan, scan 23rd April
Mummytothearkbuilder: 1DS, 1 MC, EDD tbc (Jan 2014), scan 24th May

pumpkinsweetie Mon 20-May-13 17:07:04

Yay for baby fusilli, congratulations garden smile

As for sternly notes re children at scans-I do hope I don't get one of those as I don't really have a choice between bringing dd or not having dh there. I think I'll ignore the notice if I get onegrin

pumpkinsweetie Mon 20-May-13 17:08:23

Glad everything is ok luckysmile

BumpKitty Mon 20-May-13 17:15:50

aoife sorry you've had such a shock and that the mw was crap, I have no idea why some people go ino professions such as sonography and midwifery when they have the empathy of a stuffed badger.
Hope you get lots more information on Wednesday and, of course, hoping for the best possible outcome.

garden and vocalista congratulations on your scans.

pumpkin hope you get your scan through soon

diy they let children in at 12 weeks but not at 20 weeks at my hospital

GardenWorm Mon 20-May-13 17:23:54

Yep DIY it was NHS, ideally she would have gone to the childminder but she couldn't have her. They were a miserable pair, didn't even crack a smile at our rendition of the Okey Kokey! DH wasn't impressed with them really, spoilt by the private scan I suppose! Clearly we were not in Bods capable hands smile

BlackholesAndRevelations Mon 20-May-13 17:47:49

Oh Aoife... thinking of you. So sorry xxx

Mummytothearkbuilder Mon 20-May-13 17:53:26

garden glad the scan went well - fab news x

IBelieveInPink Mon 20-May-13 18:11:50

Garden - so pleased it went well. And I would have smiled at your rendition of okey kokey smile

BlackholesAndRevelations Mon 20-May-13 18:21:32

Yes congrats vocal and garden, too.

I feel horrible today, despite the fybogel I still can't go! Argh sad

DIYandEatCake Mon 20-May-13 21:43:15

bump I love that phrase, 'the empathy of a stuffed badger'! That so describes my health visitor, I'm never going to be able to look at her again without smirking.

Hope everyone's ok. Been feeling all thoughtful today after hearing about aoife's scan, and thinking about how I'll feel if there are any problems at our scan. Anyone else been doing some thinking too? aoife if you're reading, thinking of you x

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I've eaten two dinners tonight - one that was a nice balanced meal for dp and dd that I struggled to eat, and just now buckled to my craving for quiche and baked beans. Ah well at least I might start to look pregnant soon!

BumpKitty Mon 20-May-13 22:16:49

diy the baby obviously needed some fibre (and quiche!).

I don't want to say anything that will offend, and I know none of us know what we would really do unless we were in the situation, but if I found out there was something seriously wrong I think I would seriously think about termination.
I did not feel this way with my first DC and hence didn't have any of the tests but I know now how much work a healthy child is and (more importantly) I have to consider how having a child with a serious disability would affect my DD's life now and possibly for a long time in to the future.
As I say - sorry if this upsets anyone, it actually feels very odd to be 'admitting' to it.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 20-May-13 22:23:12

Hope you are ok Aoife and that you get better news on Wednesday. Hope you have stuff to occupy/distract you til then.

Managed a record 40min booking in today! MW was the lovely sensible and organised one out of the 3 it could have been. Rattled throigh everything super quickly for once. Was so relieved as work is manic at the moment as trying to sort things before we go on holiday on Saturday (driving to in laws near Bordeaux - I must be mad)

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 20-May-13 22:24:35

Sorry meant to add great news on your scans Garden & Vocal

DH is making me watch MIC - so bad it's good grin

jmf294 Mon 20-May-13 22:29:19

Aoife- I'm so sorry about your result and the worry its causing you.
I really hope it is a false measurement and everything will be ok on Wednesday. You will be in good hands back at the FMC and you can trust their opinion. Sorry your midwife was useless- very poor!
I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope your DH is looking after you.

shellsocks Mon 20-May-13 23:34:00

aoife sorry to read your news, totally understand needing time away...hope that when you come back its with good news, will be thinking of you x

Great to hear your news vocal and garden smile

diy DS came to my 12w scan and the sonographer just said prob best not to bring him to 20w as its more detailed so will take longer and he'll get fed up.

lucky my sickness and headaches are clearing up so I'm starting to feel pretty normal again (14+6) if it wasnt for the bump and doppler I'd be panicking more too...I think it's par for the course in the second trimester, not gonna stop you worrying I know!

bump I'm not's a totally personal choice that no one else can judge on the decision made.

choc what's MIC?!

IBelieveInPink Tue 21-May-13 00:26:24

Shell- I have been playing with the dopplar again tonight!
My friend who is only a bit ahead of me is already feeling wriggles- I'm jealous. So I got the dopplar out and found a really loud hb straight away. In a happy little bubble again now and too excited to sleep - will be regretting this tomorrow! smile

andadietcoke Tue 21-May-13 07:17:10

I'm off to see the mw this morning, aimed with a list of questions. Because my mw effectively discharged me to hospital care at 16w I now have all my appts at the hospital but this appt slipped through the net and I had to ring and ask if I was due one.

Am also a bit worried that the nice guidelines state that I should have had bloods taken between 20 and 24w and that I should have a scan at 24w, and have had neither (next scan is 28w). Hmmm. Turns out my haemoglobin was also really high at booking in, but I was put on iron without checking the results. Not sure what to do. I hate complaining...

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 21-May-13 07:38:01

Anda- you won't be complaining, just asking for clarification. Sounds like you need it! Hope you get your answers. I'm very much a question asker.

IBelieveInPink Tue 21-May-13 07:39:34

Diet - wow that doesn't sound great. I'm with black holes - not complaining at all! How did you find out what you are supposed to have had?? I wouldn't even know if they had missed something!

andadietcoke Tue 21-May-13 07:46:31

Thanks. I work in medical publishing and we work with NICE guidelines frequently, so dug out the multiple pregnancy guidelines when I thought it was odd I didn't have any appointments between 20 and 28 weeks.

I asked about a 24w scan at 20w and they said no, just 28w, but that was before I came across the NICE recommendations. I'm going to end up having another private scan, aren't I? hmm

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 21-May-13 09:21:35

bump - I'm probably with you on that as well. I have a cousin with a serious disability and I've seen how much its affected her brother. All the "normal" family things that his mates do he can't, and all their holidays/family outings etc are set up around his sister. (I'm sure he and his parents don't see it like that, but you can't help but wonder at the impact on him). [Sorry, I really don't mean to offend anyone with these comments - its hard to explain what I mean].

So, this morning I don't feel sick. So I feel sick (with nerves) instead. Argh, can't cope. I hate the nausea/tiredness/bloating with a passion but as soon as it goes, I long for it back again to reassure me that all is Ok. Booking in appt on Thursday, and as sod would have it, with MMC1, my symptoms disappeared in the week of the appt as well. Looks like I could be off for a private scan by Friday if the symptoms don't reappear.

Vixjane Tue 21-May-13 10:23:17

hope you get the answers anda stick to your guns!

santa i panic everytime my symptoms change but they do come and go

ibip i suggested to DH about getting a doppler but he outright said no! i can understand why as he knows i'll get obsessed!

3.5 hours until the scan (wish i could have had a morning appt - getting nothing done at work!)

IBelieveInPink Tue 21-May-13 10:36:06

Ooh good luck vix! I knew someone had something today but I couldn't remember what - baby brain!!
I am being good and limiting myself to once a week with doppler- and actually using it less than that. It is just a nice reassurance tactic until I can feel wriggles!

pumpkinsweetie Tue 21-May-13 11:36:32

Good luck vix!
And no Anda it isn't complaining, it's about seeking what you are entitled to!
Not having a scan at 20wks is awfully odd, important things could be picked up at 20wks. And no appointment until 28 weeks is an awfully long time to go without antenatal care.
Here we have a 12wk & 20wk scan and see mw every month until the last trimesters where we are seen every 2 weeks. I have to have a 3rd scan at 28wks due to my bmi aswell.

Bakingtins Tue 21-May-13 11:42:58

Good luck Vix!

Pentagon Tue 21-May-13 11:51:55

Garden congratulations on your scan! I would take the measurements with a pinch of salt, when I had my 12-week scan at the FMC they measured the baby at 12w 6d (should have been 12w 5d by my LMP) and then the following morning when I had my scan at the NHS they measured the baby at 13w 2d...(also NT measurement at the FMC was 1.6mm while at the NHS 2mm) I'm going with the FMC dates for now as their scanning machines were more advanced and presumably more accurate.

Vix all the best for today!

Aoife thinking of you and hope you come back to us with some good news tomorrow.

hi to everyone else!

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