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Bad buttock pain on one side

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PseudoBadger Sat 18-May-13 06:06:19

I'm 19 weeks today and have pain in my buttock when I walk that takes my breath away. This is PGP again isn't it? I had it with DS but don't remember this type of pain.

Sounds like it. Poor you, I had it with both pregnancies and it's horrible.

Tell your MW and depending how sympathetic she is you could also go to your GP. I got a physio referral which helped somewhat.

cupcake78 Sat 18-May-13 07:22:31

It sounds more like sciatica than pgp. Is it a shooting type of nerve pain in only one buttock?

Pgp tend to be more of a hot poker soreness when aggravated and a general ache in your groin/hip/back and inner thigh.

PseudoBadger Sat 18-May-13 07:59:08

I do have sciatica, this feels lower down. It's only been since yesterday so I'll see what happens

Fakebook Sat 18-May-13 08:17:42

Yes it sounds like sciatica. Mine gets aggravated when I sit on a hard floor or sit down for too long. Try to keep a good posture when sitting and keep active. Definitely see a doctor as they can suggest exercises for you to do.

wispa31 Sat 18-May-13 09:44:43

go see your gp. i have been in agony at night for last couple of week and im only 24 wks. didnt expect to be getting any pains for another couple of mths. gp was lovely, straight away said 'we need to get you referred to an ob physio now.' in meantime, get yourself a hockeyball and sit on it (put it on floor under one glute) and roll around on it. i do this anyway for trigger point therapy myself. it will hurt at first then after a few mins should give you some relief. hth

MissLurkalot Sat 18-May-13 12:52:48

I've had Pelvic Girdle Pain on and off with this pregnancy.
I found this helpful ...

Not slumping on the sofa helped, as I'd been doing alot of that.
Raising knees up to rock up from lying position also really helped.
Someone recommended a girdle support or tuby grip kind of thing from the nhs physio.

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