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Midwife appointments

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WinterMammy Fri 17-May-13 21:06:59

Are everyone else as quick as mine? the first one she asked me were I was planning on having baby and I said at home, we went through some paperwork and she went, second quick listen to the heartbeat and I was gone again. I end up walking out worrying that I haven't had chance to really chat to my midwife about things, if that makes sense?

I hope to breastfeed but as I didn't even try with dd I'm totally clueless, and she hasn't asked me, I don't know if there's classes I could go to e.g.

Do you raise these questions with your midwife yourself? I tend to keep quite unless they ask me things because I feel as though I'm wasting their time! blush

KatAndKit Fri 17-May-13 21:16:02

How many weeks are you? A lot of stuff they don't bother about till nearer the end. If you are only at booking it, then you don't need to write a birth plan or discuss breastfeeding yet. Of course, you can ask questions whenever you like at your appointments, they are there to help you so don't feel that you are wasting time.

Ilovestackingcups Fri 17-May-13 21:17:38

They'll probably have more time to really chat to you nearer the end of your pregnancy. I remember being invited to bf workshops, but then it was my first baby, so not sure if they still do the extras with a second pregnancy. Your HV will be able to help you though.

I found that having booked in for a home birth, I said I'd need all my MW appointments at home too (I do, I'm not being a princess about them but I have a hyperactive DC1 to look after who would not sit through an appointment in the doctor's) and as a result I seem to be getting longer appointments. Then again, I am the only hb in the entire area in the month my DC is due, so the community midwives are hardly stretched currently.

If something is genuinely on your mind, I would call your MW and ask to discuss it. Or keep a written list of questions to put to them at your next appointment.

WinterMammy Fri 17-May-13 21:18:05

17 weeks, I have my next one at 25. It seems like it was ages since I had dd I can't remember much.

WinterMammy Fri 17-May-13 21:20:01

I don't see my HV, and I've asked for home visits too. Our last appointment dd went mental so it will be a lot easier if she comes to me.

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