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littleomar Fri 17-May-13 14:40:20

has anyone seen any NICE maternity clothes?

I mean nice, normal clothes, only with bump bits. if I look shit in a maxi dress when i'm thin, it's going to look even bloody worse with a bump and g cup tits (thanks a lot gap). and don't even get me started on swimming costumes.

any suggestions?

Eskino Fri 17-May-13 14:48:39

I spent most of my pregnancy in H&M maternity wear.
1 pair over bump skinnies in black and a pair in bottle green.
1 black vest and a black long sleeved tshirt.
Little cardigans over the top. A couple of DP's tshirts for slob by days on mat leave with my normal leggings worn under the bump.

H&M are cheapy too.

Littleturkish Fri 17-May-13 14:49:42

Topshop- best maternity IMHO

Eskino Fri 17-May-13 14:50:17

Was going to say, I loved my maternity clothes so much that almost wish I was preg again, but that's taking it too far!

ExhaustedMamasita Fri 17-May-13 14:53:44

I wasn’t keen on spending too much money on maternity clothes as I figured they’d be redundant soon but I’m loving H&M and New Look maternity ranges. I bought some great pieces, which have been real life savers! Comfortable, stylish and affordable – you can’t go wrong. Oh and Asos is quite good too! Mothercare is great for underwear – tights, bras etc. I’m personally not a fan of Mamas and Papas – their clothes made me look old and frumpy.

Cavort Fri 17-May-13 15:59:07

My favourite maternity buy has been a denim under bump mini skirt from Seraphine (on phone so can't link). It was quite pricey at £35 but I've had so much wear out of it and will probably be in it for quite a while after the birth.

PinkApple86 Fri 17-May-13 16:06:13

New look have a sale on. I just bought 3 tunic dresses, 2 leggings and some joggers and was just under £60. already got a pack of plain t-shirts from there. 3 for £12. I'm hoping that will do me.

littleomar Fri 17-May-13 16:10:37

Great thanks eveyone

Queazy Fri 17-May-13 20:43:51

No, not really. My friend gave me some bless her,but they're a size too big so I look like a whale. Sadly I'll probably fit them by 38/40 weeks! I'm dreading wearing a swimsuit x

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