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Not sure where to ask this?

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Gonnabmummy Fri 17-May-13 00:52:38

So I'm currently pg with my first baby, little boy! I'm 25+2 now he's due 28th August, first child so know might go over by a bit! Although pretty much ready now, gah the wait

My mother is getting remarried on the 20th of sept I was just thinking if I go considerably over e.g 10 days/ 2 weeks It could only be ten days to go. Will I still look preg? Won't leave a lot of time to buy if I'm tht late and guessing I'm not going to pop back into normal close as I am quite big now clothes haven't fit since 14 week (not comfortably anyhow),
Any ideas of wt to go for I.e large dresses or try find suitable maternity dress? I don't want to turn up holding ds1 and looking lik I still haven't had him! Early thanks for any advice x

Gonnabmummy Fri 17-May-13 00:53:13

Clothes not close* silly ipad

bellabelly Fri 17-May-13 01:07:00

If you gave birth 10 days before wedding, yes you might well look pregnant still. I've only ever had twin pregnancies though so you might be looking slightly less pregnant than I did.

bellabelly Fri 17-May-13 01:07:44

But honestly, don't rely on fitting into something you already own.

mrsbugsywugsy Fri 17-May-13 01:52:20

a wrap dress might be good as it is adjustable and flattering on the belly. if you are planning to bf bear in mind that this will be difficult in many styles of dress.

Gonnabmummy Fri 17-May-13 01:54:50

Planning to bf this never even crossed my mind so thanks! Just haven't a clue when I will be able to get this dress I imagine the first week as absolute chaos then I may only have 3/5 days to get something and the shops round my end are ridiculous :/

Fairy130389 Fri 17-May-13 04:24:27

How about a nice Maxi dress? You can get some nice maternity ones, (which would be handy anyway as you will be heavily pregnant during summer!) that way you can still wear it after baby is born, they are reasonably smart, you can dress them up with some nice shoes/hair/accessories etc, and as most are strapless it will be ok for BF?

That's my fall back plan and I'm due mid June with a wedding in Aug - so more time between than you! But I really like cake would like to give my body a chance to settle down a bit before going crazy with the weightloss x

WildRumpus Fri 17-May-13 05:52:31

I had a christening to go to when DS was 12 days old. Went shopping when he was a week old. Milk just in so enormous boobs and tummy looking 6 months pg still. I found a wrap dress which worked. You can adjust it as tummy diminishes (it will be getting smaller every day) and easy to breastfeed in (take a shawl or sonething to drape over your shoulder for privacy when feeding.) Remember you may need a fairly substantial bra at this stage so strapless or halterneck probably won't work.

karinmaria Fri 17-May-13 06:37:33

Agree with the other ladies - you'll still have a pregnancy belly (I looked the way I did at 5/6 months for a couple of weeks after I gave birth) and your boobs will be big and full of milk.

A maxi wrap dress sounds like the best option - buy a maternity one in a nice jersey fabric so it's comfy and stretchy. Invest in a good nursing bra too so your boobs are comfy. I went to John Lewis for mine and they said I should get measured for the nursing bra at 36-39 weeks. My GIL said she wore control pants after the births of her children to help her tummy go back in so perhaps that might be an idea to give you a more svelte shape? (Although it'll depend on how your birth goes - if you need stitches you won't be able to wear tight shorts/pants!)

I think New Look had a decent black maxi dress in their maternity range... If the shops aren't great where you are try ordering online from Asos, H&M, etc as most high street chains have a decent maternity range online.

cwtchontoast Fri 17-May-13 08:22:59

Hiya op, I don't really have any advice but I'm due August 29th, we should keep in touch, see who goes first smile

eltsihT Fri 17-May-13 08:40:15

I have read on here, and it certainly rang true for me, with my first. After giving birth you are about the size you are at 25wks, maybe that will help when thinking about a dress.

Also good idea to think about how you will feed. I often fed my DS in church just to keep him quiet, nothing like a boob in the mouth to have some peace and quiet!

Teaandflapjacks Fri 17-May-13 09:10:21

I would go for a wrap dress. I think Gap maternity should have them, and jo maman - these have cut outs for your nips (for bf) inside the wrap bit too.

Gonnabmummy Fri 17-May-13 11:24:53

Thanks everyone and teaandflapjacks think I've found one I like on that site already! The feeding layer sounds very useful thanks
cwtchontoast definitely should!

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