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had my first scan...

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beth27123 Thu 16-May-13 15:27:55

He's fine, perfect little heart beat. But while the sonographer was talking to the student she said I had unusually shaped cervix/ovaries but "it shouldn't cause any problems" I was too shy to ask but is there anything I need to worry about,?

ExhaustedMamasita Thu 16-May-13 15:55:02

Great news about the baby – it’s nice to hear that the baby is growing nicely but not so nice hearing you have “unusually shaped cervix/ ovaries!” Massively out of order mentioning it to the student while totally ignoring your presence if you ask me. Unfortunately I’ve never heard of this but I suggest you speak to your MW about it at your forthcoming antenatal appointment at 16 weeks. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

Futterby Thu 16-May-13 20:34:25

My mum has a tilted uterus, it might be that... without knowing specifically what she meant it would be difficult to give you any information. Here's a page about having a tilted uterus if you fancy reading it - The Bump

Alexandra6 Thu 16-May-13 21:39:59

It is out of order, she should have explained to you! Maybe they come in all shapes and sizes? I would def ask at the next scan, especially about the cervix. Good luck and congrats on a good scan (apart from the sonographer's confusing comment!)

Hawkmoth Thu 16-May-13 21:42:04

I got something about a load of cysts on my right ovary.... Sonographers are not always very helpful.

I also have a retroverted uterus, not made a difference.

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