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Third trimester Blues

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Saku Thu 16-May-13 12:17:59

Hi I have been a very strong working women. I am 33 weeks preg with my first DS. My First and Second trimester were passed happily.. No morning sickness or anything.. smile

But sad sad as I entered in third trimester, I became achy very much, my legs, shoulders, back, neck are paining, I feel physically and mentally exhausted and even my head feels soooo heavy as that my neck cant hold it straight.. I feel like I go and engrave myself on bed without a single move.. sad

I am still working for 2 more weeks till maternity leave. I want to work, but struggling so much.. I feel like crying, dull, fainted, tired and pass out.. that is the other reason not taking leave early otherwise sitting at home alone.. I will cry whole day without any reason.. confused angry .. how can I improve my situation??? hmm

Is any one else in same situation out there.. confused Just wanted to console myself that I am not alone here like this ..

ExpatAl Thu 16-May-13 12:37:34

Hi, I'm sorry you feel so bad. I don't think this is entirely normal so perhaps you should go to see the doctor to check that you're not anaemic or have some other easily fixed problem.

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