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Really confused

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jenny91 Thu 16-May-13 10:45:47

hi ladies im new to this site i joined 2day as im really confused and wondered if sum1 could give me some advice. january 31st i had a d&c after finding out at my 3 month scan the baby had stopped growing my next period was the 10th march i was on for 5 days and then i my next pms was april 17th i dont no when im due to come on next and i did a pregnancy test with clear blue on the 14th may it came back positive i then did a digital which came back negative i went to the doctors she said im most probley pregnant i just tested to early so i did a wee sample which i get results back monday but the wee im sending to doctors a did another clear blue plus with it and it negative im really confused and scared i just dont no where i stand at the moment i want this more than anythin ive been caught pregnant twice and lost both i just dont want the same thing to happen again. so please if any1 could give me sum advice i would really like to hear it thanks xx

Pentagon Thu 16-May-13 11:44:54

Hi jenny it's likely that you are pregnant but the 2 negative tests after a positive are a bit confusing! I am responding because your dates are very similar to mine with my first successful pregnancy so you may find it helpful? I had an ERPC on Jan.11th 2010 (after a missed miscarriage just like you), got my first period on March 6th, then my next period came on April 10th (so a 35-day cycle more or less which sounds like what you've had as well between March and April), I got pregnant some time between April 30th- May 1st and had a positive test on May 20th (a clearblue digital, it was the only one I took - but I was pretty sure I was pregnant for a few days before taking it). Because of the 35-day cycle, when the doctor tried to work work out my dates she counted the first day of my last period as April 17th (which was verified by scans later on) Everything turned out well and I now have a beautiful little girl (I then had another missed miscarriage and now pregnant again but that's another story). It sounds like you may have tested early because based on the dates you've given I assume you got pregnant about 7-10 days ago? (I could be completely wrong though in which case I'm sorry!) Have you tested first thing in the morning all 3 times? Maybe take another test on Sunday morning? I guess you will know for sure on Monday when you get your results. I can imagine how much you want this, I was exactly the same. I sincerely hope you are pregnant and everything turns out well! Keep us updated! x

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