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Insomnia, restless legs, spd... desperate for a good nights sleep, how about you?

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4everhopeful Thu 16-May-13 03:58:55

Don't get me wrong, so grateful to be pregnant after a rocky history of miscarriages, have a gorgeous DD about to turn 3, and am 31w3d with this little miracle, but I just can't sleep!!!! I doze then wake to wee, then toss & turn trying to get back to sleep, restless legs are driving me mad, get back for 40mins or so then, repeat cycle of wildly tossing & turning, jiggling legs, rolling ankles, wandering round room, weeing, mning for distraction, smile and ending up severely frustrated, exhausted and aching everywhere like mad, spd ends up excruciating, bump is sore, ribs hurt ect.. Next day I feel exhausted and achey but now almost dreading bedtime!

Luckily DH a heavy sleeper envy so not disturbing him, (though think his snoring is sometimes yet another reason for my constant waking...) DD mostly sleeps through too, I have a pregnancy pillow for what its worth & we are also awaiting a new mattress for a superking bed, which may help...

Just needed to sound off really and distract myself from my crazy flailing around! Been awake about 5 or 6 times now since 11pm... Oh to sleep for even a straight 2hrs would be bliss!

Please tell me I'm not alone in this? My sincere sympathies to you if I'm not... come share your angst with me?!!! smile

purrpurr Thu 16-May-13 04:04:22

You are not alone in this, definitely not. I woke up at 1.15am and haven't managed to get back to sleep, baby's doing some sort of starfish manoeuvre which is very uncomfortable, always find I feel more... Nervous about the whole thing during the small hours. I did find moving into the spare room at 38 weeks helped enormously, being able to stretch out, or read a chapter of my book without having to get up, or whatever I need, has made the nighttimes so much easier, is this an option for you?

butterflyexperience Thu 16-May-13 04:11:46

Bah - your nit alone...
I have some paracetomol when I'm desperate

EggyM Thu 16-May-13 04:18:24

Also not alone - I'm 30 weeks and in so much discomfort and pain at night- dh has been banished to the spare room for his snoring which helps a little. But it's still 4am and I'm wide awake. And have to get up in less than 3 hours for yet another day where I'll probably cry at work because I am so exhausted!

4everhopeful Thu 16-May-13 04:23:49

Thanks Purrpurr and Butterfly smile sorry you're suffering too though...

Spare room now new baby room but DH luckily oblivious anyway! Sods law its usually when his alarm goes off at 6am that I'm just finally going into a deep sleep, then DD comes in for cuddles, luckily she sometimes goes back to sleep for another hr or 2 & that's usually my best sleep! Thank god I'm a SAHM if I had to work Id be at my wits end..

4everhopeful Thu 16-May-13 04:26:58

X post eggy sorry.... I'm blethering on about not working, I so feel for you.. I was still working when pregnant with DD and went through same nightime ritual of insomnia so totally relate and sympathize you poor thing.. countdown to mat leave eh?

4everhopeful Thu 16-May-13 04:30:12

Yawn.... at least MNing stops me flailing like the exorcist a banshee some sort of deranged crazy lady smile

DharmaBums Thu 16-May-13 04:33:34

Another one here going through the same so all sympathy to you. It's horrible! I can hear the birds chirping which is making it worse as its a sign of imminent wake up call by ds hmm

4everhopeful Thu 16-May-13 04:42:43

Just had 78th wee of the night, downstairs for a digestive biscuit, phone battery now dying so sticking it on charge, and can also hear birds chirping Dharma, as well as daylight appearing so gonna hanker down and try try try to sleep... hmm

fruitypie Thu 16-May-13 21:15:37

This is literally my life now. On average i get around 3 hours sleep a night and I'm 32+4. Everyone i moan to it about just rolls their eyes and says "its your body preparing you" hell it is!!! My dark circles are so bad i look like this baby's vigorous kicks have been making their way to my face. Don't know what Id do without ibooks

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