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Do you think it's a boy if...

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mrspaddy Wed 15-May-13 18:06:45

Just a little lighthearted question. I had a scan today (I haven't been offered an anomaly scan and ok with that) at 24 weeks. Myself and DH had not planned on finding out gender.
While scan was being done (it was rushed but all ok) we were asked ' Do you want me to keep on talking? by the consultant. We both said yes.. but then he said do you want to know the sex and we said no.. so carried on..

I think I saw something though IYKWIM .. but DH defo wants the surprise so I didn't ask him. However, since scan was so quick and consultant so definite on a general non detailed scan.. I really think it is a boy..

I am so happy the baby looks healthy but what would you think ?? It wasn't any kind of fancy scan?

AuntieStella Wed 15-May-13 18:14:19

At 24 weeks, someone who knows what they're looking at is very likely to be able to determine sex is if the baby is in a good position and they get a clear view of genitals.

If you're not used to looking at scans though, you really cannot tell. Loops of umbilical cord are very easily confused with a penis.

SourSweets Wed 15-May-13 18:22:40

This might not be much use, but when we had our scan I couldn't see anything at all, the sonographer (is that the name?) couldn't tell for quite a while as at first she saw the umbilical cord, then bizarrely, his toes. Then he was covering with his hands. Eventually I had to walk around and drink cold water for him to change position, but there was a lot going on down there that could have been confused for a willy.

mrspaddy Wed 15-May-13 20:05:08

ah.. ha ha.. I see what you mean. The cord and all!!
Maybe it is for the best as really do want the surprise at the end so I am just really asking for a bit of fun... yes they could have seen that it was a girl just as likely. Thank you!

Midori1999 Wed 15-May-13 20:11:23

I had my anomaly scan today at 18 + 2 and there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I'm having a boy, it was blatantly obvious even to me.

RubyrooUK Wed 15-May-13 20:25:21

Cord can be mistaken for male bits. So it's not very conclusive if you're not an expert. Girls have three lines that can look like male parts to the untrained eye.

But I have to say that at a 16 week scan with DS1, the sonographer said "oh we can never reveal the sex this early - sometimes you can't even tell" and almost instantly, tiny genitalia (male) waggled out at us from the screen.

The sonographer burst out laughing and said "yeah, ok, I can't lie - it's a's an exhibitionist boy".

DS2 was also an obvious exhibitionist on scans early on so we also missed any gender surprise there too.

Rowboat Wed 15-May-13 22:09:28

I had to have extra growth scans for preexisting condition and we were determined not to know the sex. After one of them dh and I both came out convinced we`d seen "something". We were very surprised when he turned out to be a girl. In hindsight we must have both just seen the cord. I think, unless you know what you're looking for, it can be difficult to see. But, hey, you've a 50/50 chance of being smile

thepestinthevest Wed 15-May-13 22:18:31

We knew on the 16 week scan - we spotted the meat and two veg before the sonographer asked us if we wanted to know. It was plain to see the way he was lying wiggling it at us and even my DH who is usually as blind as a bat spotted it smile

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