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After heartbeat check baby hides for 1-2 days..

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hartmel Wed 15-May-13 16:11:11

As it says on top. Every time the Doctor listens to the heartbeat, the same evening the baby turns and hides. And I don't feel much movement for 1-2 days..

Could it be that the baby hates to listen to his own heartbeat? Is it to loud for him?

His heart beat is always between 143-153..

I noticed it always after each appt.. After 1-2 days he gets active again..

Anyone else noticed it?

Oh I'm 23+1 weeks today


Monka Wed 15-May-13 18:38:29

My midwife told me that most babies hate hearing their own heartbeat. That was at my 16 week appt. i couldn't feel anything until around 22 weeks as I have an anterior placenta so have no idea if that was the case. My 24 week scan was with the consultant who did a quick scan so didnt hear the heartbeat saw it on the screen though. If you're worried you could get checked out.

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