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Can't help feeling a bit jealous

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MonstersDontCry Wed 15-May-13 13:31:52

I know I'm being stupid as DP says he is looking forward to DS (our DC2) but I just wishhe would show it more.

DP has two friends who are also expecting babies around the same time as us. I don't know them that well, but they are so openly excited about their babies coming, it makes me sad that DP isn't like that. He was exactly like this with DD too.

His friends are always talking about their babies/girlfriends bump/what they are buying for the baby/showing off scan pictures/have fb status's about the pregnancy ect. Where as DP doesn't even like to feel the baby kick because 'it's weird.' I feel like I'm forcing him to come to the antenatal class that's on tonight. He thinks it's weird when his friends try to talk about babies with him or show him scan pictures.

I don't have any friends, and my family all live the other side of the country so I don't have any one to be excited with. I've done basically all the baby shopping myself.

I know I'm being stupid really.

mum2benicole Wed 15-May-13 13:43:16

im kinda the same i feel for you. i dont have friends that i can be excited with. my partner works alot so im in all the time alone but i have to start physio soo and he says i will meet people there but who knows for now im pottering round being baby happy my self sorting through baby cloths and i have already packed a hospital bag for little one even though im only 25weeks today smile
chin up im sure all will be fine x

SourSweets Thu 16-May-13 02:06:42

My husbands sort of the same. I know he is excited, but he doesn't often show it. I've also bought every bit of baby clothing/stuff myself. How far along are you? The further I've got the more he's (subtlety) taking an interest, and this morning I found out that he has actually been looking at the baby centre app that he downloaded, he just had never told me before! So it might just be that he's excited but doesn't externalise it as much as you do. Also, my mum always says that men don't really "get it" until the baby arrives which I kind of agree with.

woollysocksaresexy Thu 16-May-13 06:14:21

You're not alone...I've just had my 12 week scan, which he actually didn't seem that interested in, and for me the whole thing was somewhat of a let down because although he took annual leave to be with me, he wasn't particularly excited etc at seeing our baby for the first time, we had a row on the way back from the hospital about what we're going to do about Christmas this year (due shortly before) and he then spent the rest of his annual leave day sorting out practical things to do with our buying our new house eg mortgages. Whereas I had thought that we could have had a happy day thinking about baby things, and enjoying the relief that everything so far looks ok. Perhaps unrealistic, but still upset! And he thinks that I should get my mum to go to the 20 week one with me as he is having to take lots of time off work when he has an extremely stingy holiday allowance for moving house etc and wants to save the rest up till when the baby is born. Practical, perhaps, but I am a little hurt! I am certain he just doesn't get it. For me, the pregnancy dominates my life (and not just because I am as sick as a dog), for him? Its just something that happens before the baby is born. And he has no worries that things are going to go wrong / they will find something awful on the next scan. For me, it is with me constantly.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Thu 16-May-13 06:20:27

Mine didn't even come to the 12/20 scans but to be fair I've had that many he'd have used all his holiday up that we need for when its born, he did come to the hospital at 17 weeks when the mw couldn't find the heartbeat at the surgery and admitted after he did panic. I made him come after I was referred for a specialist heart scan too as they thought it had something wrong.

I've chosen everything too but this is dc3 so we didn't need much and I needed a pushchair that did what I needed (am a cm) so he just agreed on colours.

I think it's just not really real for done men until the baby's actually here.

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