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Having 18 week worries. Some reassurance please!!

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Sluggers Wed 15-May-13 12:07:52

Hello. I'm having little worries & niggles that something might be wrong. I'm on hols at the moment so can't really do anything medical about it so was looking for some reassurance really.

I keep getting little pains in & around my stomach area. Not really painful, just little twinges.

Is this normal? I haven't felt movements yet - unless that's what this is I suppose but I thought it would be too early & I'm only meant to feel butterflies now.

I'm finding this wait now doe the 20 week scan difficult.


Smerlin Wed 15-May-13 12:18:33

I'm 17 weeks and have felt twinges from when I found out I was pregnant until now. All scans have come back fine- I think some people are more sensitive to all the changes and stretching going on...

Also it could be round ligament pain?

Gerty1002 Wed 15-May-13 12:27:41

It's hard to know what's normal and what isn't, is this your first pg? I'm 25 weeks now with first baby and felt first little kick just before midwife appointment at 17 weeks - had just been flutters from about 15 weeks til then. Also your uterus will be starting to stretch through all your muscles and ligaments so that could be the niggles you feel - when I asked my midwife she said a little pain and discomfort is normal so unless it is severe or accompanied by bleeding there's nothing to worry about. Everyone is different smile.

Sluggers Wed 15-May-13 12:40:21

Yes it's my first. I definitely couldn't describe it as severs and there's no bleeding so I'm sure it's probably fine. It's just new pains so I was worrying a little but I'm already feeling a bit reassured.

Gerty1002 Wed 15-May-13 13:02:11

I worried a lot until 20 week scan (had to have early scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding) but hearing he was perfectly healthy and seeing/feeling him wriggle around really put my mind at ease. I still get the odd worry but I think that will continue for the rest of my life now haha smile

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