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Help needed with counting!

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Badatmaths Wed 15-May-13 09:26:58

Hi all

This is my first post, and so hello.

I stopped taking the pill almost 3 months ago, and have since had one period after about a month, and now, after having period-like pains for a while but no period, I have pregnancy-tested positive. Which is exciting, but I am TERRIFIED as well.

I did an early indication test yesterday which showed faint positive, and also a clearblue test that dated 2-3 weeks. What I do not understand is why the leaflet says the doctor would say that means 4-5 weeks. Can anyone advise me? What time period would the sex have been in?

Really confused, and all help very gratefully received!

MrsBri Wed 15-May-13 09:30:26

It's because the conception indicator test counts from actual conception, whereas pregnancies are counted from the date of your last period, which is generally around 2 weeks prior to conception (give or take, depending on your cycle / luteal phase length).

So, the sex would have been 4-5 weeks ago. Ish.

MrsBri Wed 15-May-13 09:30:55

Sorry, sex would have been 2-3 weeks ago. Baby bloody brain again!

Blobby11 Wed 15-May-13 09:32:35


The clearblue test tells you how many weeks since conception but your doctor will date your pregnancy from the date of your last period which, depending on your cycle length, will be 2 weeks or so before conception.

Hope that helps

3MenAndMe Wed 15-May-13 09:32:46

Well, the doctor will calculate from the first day of your last period
(so that adds 2 weeks extra) is easier guess than when the conception occured(unless you are 100% sure or had IVF)
Clearblue is showing how many weeks since conception...

If the pregnancy last 40 weeks on average it is from the last period,but it is actually 38 weeks since conception...

jammiedonut Wed 15-May-13 09:35:03

Hi there, doctors tend to date pregnancy from the first day of your last period... Conception is imagined to be around two weeks later, so by the time you've actually dtd and conceived you're counted as two weeks pregnant! Very confusing. It's not an exact science, as its based on every woman having a 28 day cycle and ovulating at the same time through their cycle. You'll get a better idea of due dates etc after your 12 week dating scan

Badatmaths Wed 15-May-13 10:03:57

Thank you for all your answers!

The problem is I don't know how long my cycle is, as I have only just stopped taking the pill after 10 years.

It is still sinking in!

Franykins Wed 15-May-13 10:13:45

Hi badatmaths congratulations on your pregnancy smile

I am in the same position as you, just a little further along. I was on the pill for over 15 years and stopped taking it in Jan. Had a withdrawal bleed and my first proper period 24 days later, then BAM I fell pregnant. So excited but so unexpected as well! I am now counted as 11 weeks 2 days and have my first scan next wed so guess I will find out then if it's any different. I can't wait smile


Badatmaths Wed 15-May-13 10:25:44

Congratulations Franykins! Hope the scan goes well.

Franykins Wed 15-May-13 11:00:14

Thank you smile I am nervous and excited about it.

Still in shock that it happened so quickly and although we were ttc we both thought it would take about 6 months for my body to regulate after so long on the pill. My mum however said that she knew I would fall quickly cos both her (when she had me and my sister) and my sister did after coming off the pill. She could have warned me haha.

We've had to rearrange the bedroom several times to make sure we can fit a cot in already as I am worrying. DP has 2 DS's from a previous relationship and we were hoping to move before we conceived so there would be more room all round but we've decided we're gonna have to put it off now.

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