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Two questions...

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bubbatime Tue 14-May-13 23:59:53

1. When did you start getting pregnancy symptoms?

2. When did you start showing (with your 3rd if it makes a difference?!)

Mariacbw Wed 15-May-13 04:48:22

I found out I was pregnant from experiencing symptoms which was at 9 weeks. I'm on baby number one so can't answer Q2

TobyLerone Wed 15-May-13 06:29:34

I'm 7 weeks with #3. I've had the crampy niggles and the sore boobs since 4 weeks. Nausea this week.

It's #3 for me. I am a firm believer that it's not possible to show until you're 12 weeks with any (single) pregnancy, due to your uterus still being behind your pubic bone until then. Anyone who thinks they're 'showing' before then is probably just bloated. Or a bit fat. I'm both.

<waits for 10 people to dash in and lynch me, while insisting that they had to wear maternity clothes since conception>

Boop33 Wed 15-May-13 06:43:37

4 weeks with 1st - horrible morning sickness and 5 weeks with second got that tell tale 'metal' taste in mouth ! Could probably have got to about 18 weeks with first without telling anyone if i hadn't been so poorly . Hoping the same with the second as i don't want to tell anyone for a while as just getting my head around it myself (DD is 6months) .

Yeah any weight gain in first 12 weeks is probably due to bloating !

bubbatime Wed 15-May-13 09:47:43

Thanks ladies. I am 4+6 pg with my third. Have no symptoms yet other than metallic taste in mouth... I feel more nervous this time round and symptoms would help reassure me. Having said that, symptoms didn't kick in until 6.5 weeks in both previous pregnancies .

Unlike previous pregnancies i want to keep this one a secret until after my scan at least so was pondering how difficult that may be if start showing . I remember being very bloated in the first trimester with my last one .

Wish these weeks would zoom past faster so I can begin to relax!!

beckie90 Wed 15-May-13 09:53:53

All pregnancys just before my posative test.

I'm on number 3, and bloat up n down still and I'm nearly 28wks. I wouldn't say I have an obvious bump now really just look like I've gained weight, but I never show easy really.

roofio87 Wed 15-May-13 10:16:15

yes I agree with tobylerone I totally thought I was showing by 8/9 weeks but in hindsight it was just bloating and not the hard proper bump I have now at 19 weeks. still felt comfier in maternity clothes though and people who know said I looked pregnant which looking back was a bit rude Haha!!

bubbatime Wed 15-May-13 10:31:40

I think I count the bloating as showing... In that it is associated with pg and changes your size / shape... And so could potentially be spotted by otherswink. So when should I expect the bloating to start??

Lydia161290 Wed 15-May-13 16:00:38

Every woman is different!

I was 5 weeks when I got really sore boobs. I missed my period so I took a test...and then three more grin then at 7-8 weeks I started getting morning sickness, nausea and exhaustion which lasted up to 15 weeks and I started showing at 20 weeks.

OneFingerSjupesUpTheYoni Wed 15-May-13 16:11:08

Symptoms from 3 weeks - sickness nausea and headaches.

Bloated right out at 6/7 weeks i looked 3/4 months gone but settled right down by 4 months. dc3 here too. Now around 7 months and have a flabby bump compared to my rock solid one last time

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 15-May-13 16:35:52

I had symptoms from 3 weeks, was not ttc so wasnt looking out for them, but my boobs grew so much I knew! I took a test before I was even 4 weeks preg and it came up positive straight away.

I started showing a little bit at about 14 weeks, but my bump popped out at 17. I was really bloated at the beginning but my belly was squishy not hard like my bump nowadays.

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