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ButteryJam Tue 14-May-13 18:33:49


At 38 weeks I have two quite large external piles. I've had them for a good couple of weeks now (I have a history of piles so I was expecting them). Spoke to the doctor and he said there was nothing we could do about them (not even anusol is any good in his opinion) until post-birth where if they didn't go, could consider surgically removing them. I've been trying my best of course to keep my bowels loose (high fibre diet and linseeds etc).

I've also bought the hazel witch pads, frozen the cooling pads and bought earth mama post-birth spray for relief and cooling. And of course anusol which I use now and then too.

A friend recommended I should start using lactulose as soon as I give birth (I'm not too keen on taste but willing to try anything). Is there anything else I can do to prevent more coming and deal with the ones already existing?

ButteryJam Tue 14-May-13 23:14:24

Bumping this smile

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