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34 weeks and having a stress!!!

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Babybeann Tue 14-May-13 18:29:19

so im 34 weeks today and i have a 15 month old ds who is a handfull to say the least. i had mw app yesterday and got told i have high blood preasure but no protine and have to go back tomorrow to have it tested agen. with my ds my bp started to go up at this stage but i also had high levels of protine and ended up being induced at 37 weeks, i had the worlds most awful labour and was in hospital for over a week having blood transfutions.
i worry this time is going to be the same and cant shake the feeling off. when i hve my bp tested tomorrow if its high she said id have to go to hospital but didnt say anything eles (didnt ask).

what will happen if i go to hospital? im only 34 weeks so surly the wouldnt induce me!!?

ive been told to do nothing today and just chill but with ds i cant my oh is late from work so i'll be doing the bed time routine too.

how will i cope with 2 babes??!

i cant do it!! i have no choice now i am so excited about meeting my baby but what if ds feels pushed out?

feel like ive take so much on and only 21. i just brought my first house and everuwhere needs painting its a mess.

sorry for my rant i just needed to get it out.

so i guess i wanted to no if anyone has got/had high bp at this stage but no protine and what happened??

thanks and sorry for my moan i am incredbly lucky and need to remember that.

Fairy130389 Tue 14-May-13 19:21:35

Calm down. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious but you are not going to help your blood pressure by freaking out. Can you put your DS to bed early and have a nice calm bath?

Probably when you go tomorrow, all will be fine. If not, cross that bridge when you come to it.

You will cope with 2 babies. What sort of support do you have? is your mum about? Have you tried sure start?


Things will work out xxx

p.s - I am 35 weeks and also just moved into new house with nursery that needs painting and DSD who I'm worried will feel left out - just trying to chill out and keep the preg hormones in check.

cupcake78 Tue 14-May-13 19:36:51

I'm 34 weeks and very stressy as well wink.

Had high blood pressure in last pregnancy but it never got high enough for any intervention. Baby was monitored a few times to check he was ok but I was left to go into natural labour.

You will cope with 2 children because firstly you won't be pregnant anymore and secondly you've been there before!

Have an early night when you dh gets in from work, rest rest and rest. What will be will be you can and will cope!

beckie90 Tue 14-May-13 20:52:17

Try not to stress as others have said it won't do you no good.

I have no expirience of high bp, however I do have expirience in the bad labour and loosing a lot of blood. It happend to me with my first child and was in high dependancy unit, I wanted another child quite soon after but was too scared to have another. I got pregnant with my second when ds was 19 months old. I was super super scared that it would happen didn't. So I hope that gives you some reassurance that every birth is different.

I'm similar age to you too, I'm 22, and now nearly 28wks with my 3rd, and honestly you will cope with 2, its natural to be worried. My kids are really really demanding and its like world war in my house, but its managable and you get used to it anyway. I have a partner but he works 12hr days so I do it on my own.
Honestly relax and take each day as it is. All will be fine smile xx

Babybeann Tue 14-May-13 21:14:19

ds is not looking very tired so wont be in bed till 8.30 sad and id love a bath but it alway wakes him up so i can only have them before hes in bed but with oh at work thats a no no sad

and youve hit the nail on the head i do feel overwhelmed and stressing is not going to help things but may increase my bp.
i have the support of my whole family but everone has full time jobs so seeing them happens rarely. my mum lives in the same village as me and was a real help when i had ds as she was made redundant the month before but now also works full time.
i do go to sure start and enjoy the baby group its quite a walk so not been for a few weeks pushing a 30lb toddler and wodderling is hard work so all i seem to do is stay at home.

Fairy130389 Tue 14-May-13 22:49:57

Will they come to you? Some centres have outreach etc - I used to work in one... We would also sometimes provide taxis etc and even some free nursery sessions for people who were struggling for what ever reason, might be worth a try? What area do you live in?

Babybeann Wed 15-May-13 08:26:37

no i asked about transport to the center its not like its a really long way but with ds and pushing him up the hill its just to much now.

mw today hoping everything will be okay have a feeling my stressful night wouldnt of helped. ds wouldnt sleep till 9 then i had to start making tea sad oh came home at 10.

beckie is graet to hear that you managed to get though your second labour without losing blood. because it happen the first time for me i asume it will happen agen but i guess every labour is differant.

cupcake im glad to hear im not the only one having a wobble at 34 weeks. i think its just dawned on me that this baby is coming out soon weather im ready or not!! and the issue with my bp has just made things abit real. have you started your hospital bag yet!

thanks everyone feeling a little better today. x

cupcake78 Wed 15-May-13 09:05:49

Hope your feeling a bit mire in control today.

Ah yes the hospital baggrin. Well I've made a gesture towards it i.e. I have some pads and a few toiletries in baby's room but that's about it! Cant seem to get my head round it. I has my 'oh god' moment last Wednesday night which produced a lot of anxiety. I think it's only natural that this should happen and when your tired it compounds it. My dh works long hours as well and he is so good at picking my highly strung days to be late. Can you plan something nice to do pre baby? I find it really helps keep me going.

Babybeann Wed 15-May-13 09:19:44

haha your hospital bag sounds in the same state as mine! with ds i had it packed and packed agen by 32 weeks.

im a stay at home mum. gave up my job when my maternity finished with ds so sometimes it all just get abit to much i can just imagen being in all day with 2 children pulling my hair out then getting a text from oh saying im going to be late!!!
im hoping june will be nice weather so i can walk them both to the park. just my luck we'll get the wettest just ever!!

oh is working all weekend on a private job hes a plumber so the money for a weekend job is good and hard to turn down just means ill be on my own all weekends with da too well thats if bp is down if not he can bloody stay home!!!

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