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failed sweep posterior cervix

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gsmit Tue 14-May-13 12:40:49

Im 40 plus 4 today. Midwife came and attempted sweep bur said my cervix was to posterior and closed. Im booked in for induction on 22nd which im dreading. She did say that babys head is mega low so im totally confused if head is mega low but cervix is posterior what are my actual chances of going into labor. Anyone else had this experience? Im dreading induction as midwife said it can take days to get labor going and i wont be allowed home once process starts so cud end up stuck in hospital for days before baby is actually born. Also it seems a shame that dh wud waste some if his paternity leave just stayin with me during the induction process. Im so naffed off with it all

CallTheDoula Tue 14-May-13 14:21:16

Hi, the cervix changes towards the end of pregnancy & during labour. For most of the pregnancy it it towards the back of the vagina behind your baby's head and will start moving towards the front of the baby's head nearer the time of labour or during early labour and it will also become softer & slightly open as opposed to firm & closed. A more posterior, firmer & closed cervix is less likely to respond to induction. Do you know why induction is being suggested? Is it because that's the protocol in your area? If so you could have the discussion about waiting for labour to begin spontaneously, if you and your baby are well, and being monitored (maybe each day) during that time. (The exact timing of when a baby becomes over-due seems to differ from trust to trust, hospital to hospital & doctor to doctor!).

festive Tue 14-May-13 17:12:29

Hi, am also 40+4 today smile (2nd pg)
With my first pg I also had a failed sweep, at 41 weeks, as cervix was too posterior and closed. Was booked for induction at term plus 14 but went into labour naturally at term plus 12 and DS was born at term plus 13.
Am no expert but think there's still plenty time for labour to start naturally, good luck smile x

eltsihT Tue 14-May-13 17:42:48

I am due today with second....I had a sweep with my first at 41 wks was 2cm dilated, had bloody show and twinges, midwife said baby would definitely arrive before induction date.

Son was born 40+15 after being induced. My induction took less than 3 hours.

Babies come when babies are ready...

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