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Pregnant and stressed

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Debbie37 Tue 14-May-13 09:59:07

hi all , I'm little over six months pregnant and very fed up . I'm with my partner six years and I have a 14 girl and very soon to be 16 yr old son .I love them all but they are not getting on . The kids go to my parents most weekends and my son would consider my dad as his dad . They get on so well .but my son has told me he wants to move up to his grandparents house . My mum and dad have agreed to let him if I give them the money for him every week . My son is begging me said even if my partner wasn't here he would still want up there . I don't know what to do . will it make me a bad parent if I let him .my partner also is getting difficult he has chosen to give up smokes so he's moody , he snores at night so let's me go to sofa to sleep . I'm sick of not sleeping right cause of loo calls and nightmares . In a row yesterday I said to my son he could go live with grandparents and my partner said good rddons I went mental . I'm sick of it all ....

Newtobecomingamum Tue 14-May-13 23:15:29

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. As with all mumsnet posts it's only opinions and nobody can tell you what to do but... I'm my opinion I think the following:
1) He should be on the sofa, not you! You are six months pregnant and it's difficult to sleep as it is.
2) I think you need as less stress as possible at this stage. If your son really wants to go to his grandparents and they are happy to have him,, I would let him go on a temporary/trial basis. It doesn't have to be a long term arrangement and you can make this clear from the start. It could be for a few months or until things have settled after the baby. Just make sure you tell him and let him know how much you love and care for him etc and that you're not letting him go because you don't want him at home but because you want to do what makes him happy.
3) Grumpy partner - he needs to know you have it bloody tough as well. He has chosen to give up smoking (which is good but it can't affect you like this or take it out on you!). Is he getting any help, patches etc or going hardcore? Maybe he could get some help from his gp.
4) Take care of you - do something to cheer yourself up! Go and see a movie, get a massage or go shopping and treat yourself. You deserve it.

All the best and take care X

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