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feels like my legs are being pulled from their sockets! wtf is this!!

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joanna1990marie Tue 14-May-13 06:32:23

So I woke up a few times last night and noticed it then but thought it must be the way I'm laying? But it's the same this morning! It literally feels like my legs have been pulled out from my hips! What the hell is this fresh pain?! Im nearly 38 weeks

burberryqueen Tue 14-May-13 06:46:38

feels like all your joints around the hips have been loosened a bit right? I think that means that your time is near......

joanna1990marie Tue 14-May-13 06:55:49

Oh dear god I hope so, yes it's all around the bit of my hips that circles my legs. Mind you I'm getting alot of bh this morning which is unusual as they don't normally start till mid afternoon

burberryqueen Tue 14-May-13 06:58:59

well i hope it all goes well for you joanna.......x

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