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C - Section on the grounds of herpes - any experience?

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emmoB13 Mon 13-May-13 14:37:29


I have had herpes for the last 4 or so years. I get very regular attacks, one after every period and some in between! Even on acyclovir, when my hormones change such as periods i still get an attack. It just seems to shorten the attack. Since i found out i'm pregnant (i am 20 weeks now) i have a fair few attacks, usually as things changed. Such as right at the beginning, when my bump popped out at 14 weeks etc. I have been self managing them as i don't want to take any unnecessary medicine as well as the fact it doesn't actually stop the attacks.

Recently i have really started to worry about the delivery. As i understand it they put you on suppression treatment 4 weeks prior which i'm sure works for a lot of women but with the hormone changes during labor i can only imagine what sort of an attack i would have considering the ones i get after my periods. I can usually tell when an attack is coming on but i worry i wont in the midst of labor and its unlikely suppression treatment would work against such a big hormone change.

Does anyone have any experience in asking for a c section on these grounds and what the outcome was? All help would be appreciated for this worried mum to be!

PoppettyPing Mon 13-May-13 15:32:55

Hi, didn't want to read and run. I have no experience with the c-section part of your question (Im sure someone will be along shortly) however, have you looked into what might be bringing on such frequent attacks? There's lots of evidence that foods high in arginine and low in lysine trigger attacks. In my experience avoiding nuts and chocolate and artificial sweeteners and wheat is very very helpful. I can't stress enough how much of a difference an unprocessed diet with lots of veg and protein makes! Do you do any yoga or deep breathing or things to help you de-stress? Feeling stressed or even upset about the virus itself can keep it flaring up. I know hormonal fluctuations don't help, but I do find that keeping calm and healthy, especially during pregnancy, can reduce the amount of outbreaks you get by a lot. Sorry I can't help more but good luck and don't worry!

terilou87 Mon 13-May-13 15:55:35

iv no idea about the herpes thing but iv started a thread on requesting a c section i read somewhere you dont have to have a medical reason to request one but im unsure how true it is. join my thread if you like smile

Cookethenook Mon 13-May-13 16:14:11

No experience with this, but i would imagine they would encourage you to have one, considering how often you have 'attacks'.

Cold sores are very dangerous for newborns, so i would imagine they would prefer to reduce the risk of your baby coming into contact with the herpes virus by giving you a c-section. I'm surprised you're not under consultant care tbh. Is your midwife aware that you have it?

drcharliegirl Mon 13-May-13 17:22:59

Genital herpes is even more dangerous for newborns.
If you have active lesions you should be offered a C-section. This effectively eliminates the risk (unless your waters have broken)

Regardless you may request one.

Make sure they let the paediatricians know AS SOON as your baby is imminently to be born if you opt for vaginal delivery. They will screen babe. It's a horrible thing for babies.

Good luck, and try not to worry too much - it sounds like all the right things are being done.

SisterMatic Mon 13-May-13 22:04:00

GH doesn't make you high risk unless you contract it during pregnancy. I believe as you have had it years you will transfer some immunity to baby.

Did you tell your midwife about your attacks? It is important that your status is on your medical notes so anybody who attends at the birth knows what to look for.

I wouldn't be too concerned..thousands of women are able to have a natural delivery despite having GH. Please mention your concerns to your midwife and they will be able to give you up to date advice on what your hospitals policy is.

dilemmamomenna Tue 14-May-13 08:09:07

Hi, I have and have had two natural births. I haven't though had an attack in around 8 years, so I don't know how this affects you. I feel for you suffering so much, I only ever had 3 attacks (last about 8 years ago) and they were AWFUL. Is there a referral you could get to find out if they can be managed better? I wonder if something triggers them for you.

I have though heard that the risk is very low for women who've had it prior to pregnancy and that lesions can be covered in labour, I think you need a chat with a consultant.

drcharliegirl Tue 14-May-13 14:48:49

If you have no active lesions at the time of delivery/waters breaking then natural delivery should be fine... But still make sure the paediatricians know...

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