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Secondment whilst pregnant

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Sailorchick14 Mon 13-May-13 12:41:47

I'm 11weeks pregnant at the moment and about to apply for a secondment at work. It would be to start in June and end in May (I'm due 2nd Dec so obviously would leave part way through, planning on working as long as poss to have all my leave with baby).

My previous boss is the only person at work who knows I am pregnant as she recently interviewed me for another secondment and I failed at the interview as really wasn't in the right head set for it having just found out that week about being pregnant. I told her so she would understand as she thought I would get the post. She mentioned this role coming up and said I would breeze it and to go for it anyway.

Despite her reassurances to go for it even with the pregnancy I'm a bit apprehensive because I would be in the role for such a short period of time. I already work in the team so I know all the team involved. I also know that they want a bit of stability as it is a key role. They were all very annoyed when the current postholder got a secondment elsewhere hence this being a secondment to fill the gap.

Would you still go for it? I know I can do the job (I'm covering 1/2 of it at the moment whilst its vacant) its just I don't want to mess the team around.

terilou87 Mon 13-May-13 13:21:15

you should go for it. i would. you are only pregnant you wont be going forever. why should you pass up the opportunity to progress in work just because your pregnant. smile

Sailorchick14 Mon 13-May-13 13:32:52

Cheers terilou87, I wouldn't worry if it was a permanent job, its the secondment element that makes me worry. I've actually written my application just a bit paranoid about it.

Cornwall73 Mon 13-May-13 17:14:30

Is the secondment within the same organisation? If its just your job that will changing and not the organisation etc.. Then go for it.

I am in the situation that I was seconded to a different organisation in another London borough and then fell pg. The trauma it has caused because I effectively fall between two stools in terms of things like risk assessments, I cannot tell you. My secondment boss is also not very sympathetic towards my condition as he sees the secondment as a service he pays for and he won't get the full benefit of as I am going on ML before the secondment contract ends. If my post had not been deleted in my original organisation (you have to be careful with this and ask how secure your normal job is), I would have asked to go back as soon as I found out I was pg.

Good luck with the application.

Sailorchick14 Tue 14-May-13 09:42:18

Cheers Cornwall73 - it is in the same organisation. I work for a large university and the role would be a promotion for me. I know my old job would be secure so that parts fine.

Will submit application and see what happens I think.

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