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23 weeks and have to go to the wee a lot - normal?????

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Teaandflapjacks Mon 13-May-13 14:05:40

It really depends on how much you are drinking normally, how much salt you intake into your diet etc. I had some days when I eat loads of slaty stuff, my body then retained lots of water (2 kilos of it), then over the course of the next day I went A LOT, I guess about the same as you! I have a UTI check every 4 weeks anyway as standard at my docs, but it wasn't that - i did check with my doc and she said it is to do with how much water you drink, how late, and water retention, and your body then getting rid of excess water. I drink about 3-4 litres of water a day. I find I get very thirsty. If it hurst when you wee, or if you try to go, but nothing much comes out, yet you still feel like you need to go - this normally tells you UTI, but honestly everyone is diff. Like HaveaLittle says get checked for a UTI as it could well be that too (and if so Cranberry juice plus LOTS of water - and lay off any caffeine).

HadALittleFaithBaby Mon 13-May-13 12:36:09

It's good that you're getting checked out, take a urine sample when you go, my money is on a UTI. Til you get seen make you're drinking plenty.

hartmel Mon 13-May-13 11:57:38


I have a quick question, as everyone else in pregnancy is struggling going to the wee 3-4 times at night, I was wondering if someone went more then that..
I'm 23 weeks now and up till now I went 3-4 times at night but last night I had to go 10 times if not even more than that.. (Oh and it was not just dribbles)
I also have the feeling that my tummy is now smaller after so many wee's..
Should I be worried or is normal.. My back is hurting me too, but that could also be because I'm getting tired of sleeping on my sides. Also my baby has sometimes the habit of hiding in the back. I felt him during the night a couple times.. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow..

Thank you in advance for your answers

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