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30 weeks and feeling so low. Pls help :(

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RoxyLady Mon 13-May-13 11:26:24

Noticed the last few days I have become really low. I get frustrated over the smallest things, I have no patience and I just feel like crying all the time. I feel so low and Im really starting to worry about it. Is this normal?
I dont think its fair to my hubby and 2 yr old. I just dont have any patience with anything. I am not a crier at all usually and I just feel so sad all the time.

RoxyLady Mon 13-May-13 11:59:38

Would really appreciate some advice... literally just had another breakdown

Rockchick1984 Mon 13-May-13 12:06:51

No advice except that its normal to get like that, try to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with your husband and explain how you're feeling?

BraveLilBear Mon 13-May-13 12:37:56

Don't know if it's normal RoxyLady but if it helps, you're not alone. I've been very low the last few days, and had two meltdowns at my desk by 10.30 this morning. I'm just making myself do 5-10 minutes of work at a time (then tiny break) just so I can put one foot in front of the other. It's working. Just.

If I didn't have so much to do, I would have walked out as soon as I walked in this morning. My boss is off again and my work friend is off sick so totally alone and struggling.

Really hope you can talk to your DH for some support. In my case, if I stay like this, I'll be calling my MW up - she said at my last appt that if I started getting really low that there is help and all I had to do was ask.

Have you had something decent to eat today? Make sure you look after yourself until you can get DH on board flowers

rosiedays Mon 13-May-13 13:21:50

Hi roxy thanks I'm 30 weeks too and could kill some days. I think it is normal (well on MN anyway) but there are a few things you should get checked out, BP, Iron level, urine infection.... all of which will make you feel worse. ring MW and go see her.
If all ok then it's just one of those weeks, baby is growing, changing, and generally taking over our bodies. we've come so far but still the end seems so far away....
Be kind to yourself, eat well and recite when necaserry 'this too shall pass' xx

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