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PPGP, SPD or sciatica?

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MrsDevine1 Sun 12-May-13 19:30:43

Just trying to find out if anyone else has been told they have/had Sciatica when actually its PPGP?

Im 28weeks +3 and am in a lot of discomfort. went to midwife last week who said it sounded like Sciatica so ended up seeing GP who confirmed this however after reading about it and checking symptoms it seems I could have PPGP, the only thing I don't seem to have a problem with at present is the legs moving apart ie getting out of bed, (although I struggle to roll over and sit up) I also have this pain in my calf which feels like my muscles are tearing when walking its very very painful and I woke up with cramps all night.

Is this common should I be doing anything different? should I go back to GP and tell them about the PPGP?

Thanks in advance x

craftycottontail Mon 13-May-13 06:33:21

I have PGP (probably mild in scheme of things) and never had a problem with legs apart - in fact sometimes stretching legs apart helps loosen me up a bit. I guess it can affect everyone slightly differently.

I'd go back to your GP for a second look especially if the treatment/exercises they gave you isn't helping.

Hawkmoth Mon 13-May-13 08:50:31

PGP, SPD can also affect the joints at the back of your pelvis, where it attaches to the spine, so can definitely cause sciatica. With my second the back pain was worse than the pelvic pain.

Ask for some pregnancy physio and stop doing stuff like hoovering, lifting, pushing trolleys...

RugBugs Mon 13-May-13 16:17:06

It could also be your coccyx which I'm told is attached to your pelvic floor.
I've had pain/restricted movement in the back of my pelvis since 18wks but since baby has moved from transverse to breech the pain in my coccyx is really bad.

joanna1990marie Tue 14-May-13 06:53:36

I'd get the pain in your calf checked out to make sure it's not dvt!

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