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Cold Sore 34 weeks

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smiales01 Sun 12-May-13 16:10:10

I've come down with a coldsore today and feel rotten. So so tired, feel really down too which go hand in hand with coldsores normally!

Any advice on treatment, I've never really found anything makes much difference to be honest so wondering whether to just leave it to its own devices this time.

Also do I need to be aware of anything in particular with being pregnant? I get OCD about cleanliness so that's in the bag!

Quidgetmidget Sun 12-May-13 19:47:41

Hi Smiales01,

I had a similar experience when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy too, the general advice was to dab tea tree to dry it out (it also has antiseptic qualities) and hold an ice cube wrapped in a tea towel on it to reduce the swelling. None of the cold sore creams said they we're suitable during pregnancy.

There's nothing to worry about whilst pregnant, just be extra vigilant if you get one when the baby is here as it's easy to pass it onto them and be very serious for a new born - I got one and couldn't kiss Dd for a week.

Lydia161290 Sun 12-May-13 19:48:09

Coldsores do usually mean you're run down. Are you taking enough vitamins in your pregnancy and stress free? Just make sure.

Treatment. Get the cream on it asap. I swear by Zovirax, but if you can't afford it then Local supermarkets like Asda and Tesco do their own brand, which is just the exact same but cheaper.

Teaandflapjacks Mon 13-May-13 10:34:20

you may also wnat to try using plenty of vaseline to keep it hydrated - this helped mine - certainly made it less sore and cracked.

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