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Membrane Sweep this afternoon - need reassurance!

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Mariacbw Sun 12-May-13 10:57:19

I'm 41+1, have bee anxious about the labour and child birth throughout the whole pregnancy but now it's this late stage I am a nervous wreck, I can burst into years just thinking about the trauma I'm going to go through. It's not just the pain that worries me it's the whole process of child birth I find gross.

I'm die to have a membrane sweep this afternoon (declined one a few days ago as couldnt bare the thought of it but as time is ticking I have reluctantly agreed to this one)

Can anyone give me their experiences of a sweep, is it painful? How long does it take? Do you listen to heartbeat first etc? Is partner present? Did it work for you?

Sorry for all the questions but my mind has gone into overdrive and I am panicking about everything . . First timer as you may have guessed!

HadALittleFaithBaby Sun 12-May-13 11:08:21

After everything I'd heard about sweeps I was really nervous. Actually it wasn't as bad as anticipated. Kind of like a really deep smear. Not pleasant but it only lasted a couple of minutes and my labour did kick off afterwards! Good luck with your imminent arrival smile

Sheshelob Sun 12-May-13 11:09:56

Sorry you are feeling frightened about this, but there is nothing to be worried about.

I had two sweeps at 40+3 and 41+3 weeks and they were fine. I was warned about how painful sweeps are but it was no more uncomfortable than a firm fingering!

My husband was there the second time, and it worked a treat. Within 24 I had started labour. I was determined to avoid induction so had chosen a hospital that doesn't induce prior to 42 weeks. And our boy arrived 41+5.

I guess the important thing is to tell your midwife how worried you are so she can help you relax. And be honest with what you can manage.

Not wanting to sound completely woo, I found labour was easier to deal with by treating it like I was climbing a mountain one step at a time. If you go with it, you can handle it. Just try not to look too far ahead. Take each contraction as it comes and it is less scary.

Exciting times!

rubyslippers Sun 12-May-13 11:12:53

I did have one

Yes it was painful but quick - I think you can ask for gas and air

Your partner can be with you I would have thought

2 hours after my sweep my labour kicked off and just over 7 hours later I was holding my DD

So it was worth it

Good luck smile

Snowflakepie Sun 12-May-13 11:20:48

Haven't had a sweep but wanted to just reassure you that labour and birth is just one small step in being a parent. Think of every bit of it as bringing you closer to your baby. Every pain, intervention, push, it's all there for a reason. It's very easy to focus on the birth itself and forget about what comes after. Giving birth is really a tiny thing to being a parent for the rest of your life.

My mantra was 'this too shall pass'. It's held true through every challenge my DD has thrown at me. Look beyond the pregnancy, there's not long left now. Focus on holding your beautiful baby. Labour lasts only a few days at most, normally a lot less. Tell your mw that you are scared, acknowledge it, push it away. You can do this, believe me you will be stronger than you know. The thought of it all is always worse than the actual event, let your body do what it needs to do.

Good luck, think positive. Fingers crossed the sweep starts it all for you x

Mariacbw Sun 12-May-13 11:33:33

Thanks for your replies, I've just realised I haven't even thought about having the baby in my arms the last few days because I've become so preoccupied with the birth. Need to change my thinking. . Positive mental attitude! X

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