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Crying a lot.. is this a symptom of pregnancy?

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mrspaddy Sat 11-May-13 12:54:34

Before I got pregnant I very rarely cried.. though did on occasion if something really upset me. I am crying on and off since after work yesterday and all day this morning. I have to go grocery shopping now and do a few jobs and need to stop.
I had a bad day at work yesterday (can sort few issues out Monday) that triggered this.
Also few other things going on.. my mother is very ill (depression) and though I don't have it, it is a burden as I am the only person living in the country and relatively close beside her.

This morning DH talked about moving (joke) to live beside his parents which is an hour from our work and lovely little house. I has said I would love to move away - I meant like Spain - just wishful thinking. Then he said to me I am never happy anywhere.. Oh god I just feel so upset now.

Anyway- I googled and I can't take St. John's wort or anything. I do exercise a lot. My job is emotionally draining but no hope of any other suitable job and most of the time I love it.

What can I do (don't want to tell GP) ??

Lj8893 Sat 11-May-13 13:01:15

You could be suffering with antenatal depression, speak to your midwife or gp.

How far gone are you?

In my first trimester I felt exactly the same as you, crying all the time, and would cry myself to sleep 4 or 5 times a week. I thought for sure I was depressed.

I'm now 16 weeks and although still crying at every bloody soppy/happy/sad touching thing I see, hear etc i am back to myself and much happier! My crying is just silly hormonal tears now and I always laugh at myself.

So depending on how far gone you are it could well get better, you have soooo many hormones rushing through your body right now and if your suffering from extreme tiredness (as I was) that certainly won't help!

mrspaddy Sat 11-May-13 13:06:51

Thank you so much. I have been sleeping great but the past three nights not so well so it probably isn't helping. I'm 5 and half months gone. The baby is really wanted, very happy with DH so it's not big things that are upsetting me at all and I know I am lucky to have job etc.

The job is draining and probably being tired and working around people being negative isn't helping. I didn't go to a work function last night. Couldn't face it.

The funny thing is people say to me all the time that I am always smiling. I think I am pissing off DH though he has spent hours talking to me he's gone off for the day and I want to be in better form by tonight. Wish I could shake this off. I didn't hear of antenatal depression.

Lj8893 Sat 11-May-13 13:09:07

Antenatal depression isn't as well known as postnatal depression but awareness of it is improving.

You could possibly have it or it could just be all those hormones!

gertrudestein Sat 11-May-13 14:11:05

Have you considered that you might be overtired? This happened a few times to me, before I realised that I needed to cut down my work and exercise more than I had already. I used to cry uncontrollably for hours on end, it could be triggered by anything. I didn't think I was particularly tired but it's hard to tell because of course when you're pregnant you feel ill and tired all the time anyway.

I cut down my exercise to half an hr every day instead of an hr every other day, and stopped working late or on weekends. Looking back, I thought I could just carry on as normal till I dropped - some women seem to! But I'm not one of them. I wish I had taken care of myself earlier, and realised that I couldn't push myself as hard as I was used to doing. Some of the things I thought were major problems were really not. After about a week of resting everything got a lot better and I haven't cried for weeks now!

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