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Transverse baby?

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LittleMilla Fri 10-May-13 21:33:14

Argh, second pg and it's all driving me nuts. Told placenta low at 20 weeks and being scanned at 36 weeks. Ds1 was undiagnosed breech.

I'm now 30 weeks and second.guessing every bloody move. This baby is VERY active and still somersaulting. He seems to spend most of his time lying across my tum with kicks down low and nudging top right.

Shall I just pay for another scan so I know what's going on and IF I should just mentally prepare for another c section? Uncertainty is killing me!

RedKites Fri 10-May-13 21:41:08

My DS2 was sometimes transverse (and sometimes not) up until about 37 weeks. My MW didn't want to send me for a scan as she said the baby still had plenty of room, and it would only tell us what position the baby was in at the time of the scan. It sounds like you are in a similar situation, so I don't think a scan at the moment will tell you anything definitive? I found the uncertainty really difficult too - I hope your baby settles into a nice, obvious, head down position very soon.

arlandria666 Fri 10-May-13 21:43:18

my baby was breech at 34 weeks got scanned yesterday he was head down i was 36 weeks yesterday x x

OrganixAddict Fri 10-May-13 21:53:40

Dd1 was transverse until 37 weeks, was at about 45 degrees at 38 weeks, born via a (quick, happy, complication free) vb at 39 weeks.
So not sure scan now will tell you much other than situation now and that can def change. Sorry but don't think you'll get a def answer at this stage.

LittleMilla Sat 11-May-13 08:05:43

Thanks for replies.

Strengthened my reasoning that I just need to hold tight a bit longer.

StuckOnARollercoaster Sat 11-May-13 09:34:20

I keep thinking the baby must be transverse not head down like the midwife says because of the way I can feel body parts and movements at the same time on both left and right sides.
Asked a bit more at last appointment and she explained how they do scrunch and stretch themselves into some weird positions and that it's completely normal and that some active babies will keep doing that and shifting position right up until labour.
We're resigned now to the fact we have an active wriggler!

Saku Sat 11-May-13 12:20:25

Regardless you know the actual position of your baby or not... you can do 4 exercises which makes your baby head down position all the time.. smile
It is not 100% sure hmm but it has been helped 80 women out of 100..

1. biscuit Mop the kitchen floor daily- It is old wives saying if you want normal delivery then mop the kitchen floor daily and it is one type of workout also which actually works. As baby's head is little heavier than whole body and when you bend down automatically baby get a push to get head down position. if done daily helps.
2. biscuit Iron board bending- put iron board inclined but stable. Lie down putting your feet up on board.
3. biscuit Cat Stretching 1 - be on your knee stretch your hands in front touching ground.. raise your bottom up then relax again try.
4. biscuit Cat Stretching 2 - be on ground by your hands and knee. Try to raise your back in a curve in umbrella shape.. relax and try again.

All the exercises should be done without stressing out any body part.. if your knee hurts on ground put a cushion under... take breaks in between.. and relax.. and keep breathing.. smile

LittleMilla Sat 11-May-13 21:02:43

Thanks all.

BraveLilBear Mon 13-May-13 11:26:17

Hey LittleMilla just to say I'm exactly the same (and 30w today) - have a low anterior placenta (awaiting rescan appt for that in next few weeks) so essentially baby can't go head down!

Loves being tranverse and doing trampolining boings on both sides at the same time - the exception being when s/he goes feet down and I can feel the head rolling around near and under my ribs shock

It changes position constantly, and is, according to sonographer at both scans, a quote-unquote 'very wiggly baby'. MW said at last appointment she wasn't worried at all about the position at this stage and that they'd keep an eye on it.

Hold off on a private scan - and maybe check out for some good tips in the meantime... (I have a go when heartburn isn't trying to strangle me with fire lol). Good luck!

scaevola Mon 13-May-13 11:29:33

DC3 hung around transverse (or diagonally) until about 38 weeks before putting her head down definitely.

There really is not point in additional scans at this stage, not do I think there's that much you can do to influence it (though the positional stuff won't hurt and might help).

Seeline Mon 13-May-13 11:34:39

If baby is still moving that much there is obviously alot of room so anything is possible. 30 weeks is still early days. My DD was transverse at about 37 weeks but she was turned manually by the hospital, and luckily stayed put until she was born at nearly 42 weeks. Don't lose hope yet smile

LittleMilla Mon 13-May-13 15:41:19

Just seen my really lovely midwife who's pretty sure his head is down and engaged! Such good news and it means that I can finally start to think about a vbac!

BraveLilBear Mon 13-May-13 15:54:24

That's great news - and must be encouraging for low placenta too as it must have moved to let his head go down! Hope he stays there and you have a successful VBAC smile

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