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Have i had a misscarage?

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crd07 Fri 10-May-13 16:52:52

I didnt do a pregnancy test because i had sex on the 21st of march and came on on the 9th of april so i thought yes im not pregnant!. then yesterday ( thursday the 9th of may) there was brown blood on my pad so i thought mabye im due on again. in the night i was in really bad pain, ( i never have period pain usually ), and then this morning ( friday 10th of may) there was a lot more blood with what looked like blood clots. then 2 hours later i went to the toilet and there was no blood. ive talked to my mum about it and she dosnt recon it was a misscarage, but i never usualy have pain and ive never ever seen that much blood. HELP!

FeijoaVodkaStat Fri 10-May-13 17:05:25

It could either be an ovulation bleed or an implant bleed.

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