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I was right - 16 Week scan and having a boy!!! Nub theory is right!!

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Mamabear12 Thu 09-May-13 21:07:13

I had my scan today and confirmed I am having a boy! I knew this right away for various reasons...esp because of the nub theory (basically angle of the dangle at 12 weeks). Google nub theory and you will see some interesting articles. I was able to predict I was having a girl correctly first time because of this and predict a few other of my friends pregnancies correctly by looking at 12 week phtos that showed the nub. Only thing is,not all photos show the nub. My scan this time around did not show nub clearly, but from what my husband and I saw during the scan at 12 weeks, we saw nub was pointed more up, which means boy.

Also, this pregnancy, I kept refering to my baby as a he for some reason (even before 12 week scan) and no it wasnt because of wishful thinking, bc initually we wanted another girl (i still do), but am VERY happy we are having a boy smile I still want to try for 3rd baby in hopes for another girl. I like the idea of girl, boy, girl.

Another thing I noticed is this timearound my body hair growth didnt slow down. When I was having a girl, slower and less hair growth. Not this time around!

Now I get to buy more baby clothes! YAHOO!!!!!!!!! I love shopping for baby clothes.

SingingSands Thu 09-May-13 21:11:37

And breathe! Haha! You sound very excited, congratulations on your baby boy!

Mamabear12 Thu 09-May-13 21:27:47

HAhaha. Yes, super excited! Thanks smile

2Labradors Thu 09-May-13 21:41:57


I have my 12 week scan 2 weeks today and I'm liking the idea of the nub theory you mention. I'm going to google and mention it to hubby, sounds fun.

I have a girl and a boy already but this pregnancy has been different from both times so I couldn't guess by symptoms.

Mamabear12 Thu 09-May-13 21:47:36

Make sure to ask the sonographer during the scan to show you the nub and if possible to get it in the photo. Half the times, you can not see nub in photo. Lucky I asked during my scan, bc she showed me during and after u can barely see on photo!

It's def interesting theory. Keep me posted about your guess and if you turn out to be right!

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