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Sweep yesterday, shooting pains and cramps today, no show,heavyness, tightness...

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whatamardarse Thu 09-May-13 16:29:45

Hi as I said, has a sweep yesterday (40 weeks 4 days) she said I was 1cm dilated and today im having some very sharp shooting pains and some cramping quite regular for a second or two. It feels like babys head is hurting me also as if she is moving. I don't think I've has a show although plenty of clear mucus, which ive had for about a week. I have been having BH through the night for the past week too but they don't feel like the squeezing sensation I got with that. Baby is moving a fine, just as if she has run out of space! Underneath my bump feels very heavy with lots of pressure, so much so I've called of lunch as don't want to get stuck out!

do you think this could be slow labour?? I really don't want to be induced next week
Thanks guys!!

ButteryJam Thu 09-May-13 21:39:08

I have no idea sorry but I hope you are doing ok (hug)

whatamardarse Thu 09-May-13 22:00:40

Thanks for the reply! I've lost some of my waters so things are on the move!' Xx

MyPrettyToes Thu 09-May-13 23:58:52

Sounds good! Good luck

ButteryJam Fri 10-May-13 00:39:37

Great! All the best smile

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