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Gestational Diabetes

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EggyM Thu 09-May-13 13:50:22

I'm 28 weeks and I had a GTT on Tuesday- this was totally routine - I am healthy and not overweight but my dad has type 2 diabetes so I had to have a precautionary test. I wasn't worried about it at all as I honestly believed it would come back negative but I've just had a call from the hospital telling me that the test has come back positive for gestational diabetes.

I have another appointment on monday to discuss diet and give me a glucometer etc but I've just been googling and got a bit scared about the effect that this could have on baby.

I understand all about diabetes as my dad has type 2 and my husband has type 1 but never known anyone who has had gestational diabetes so just not sure what to think.

Has anyone here had gestational diabetes? How easy was it to control? Did it affect your baby in any way?

cathpip Thu 09-May-13 13:59:51

I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes with dc2, the only effect on my baby was that she lost 12oz in birth weight in 3days, but it was still within the 10% so they were happy. She did weigh 10lb 9ozs at delivery and she was delivered at 38+2. Am pregnant with dc3 at the moment. My friend who also had gd kept hers under control with her food intake.

Midori1999 Thu 09-May-13 15:10:05

There is a support/help/tips thread for those with GD somewhere here.

I have GD and it was also diagnosed in my last pregnancy, although its possible I've had it in all 6 of my pregnancies and it just wasn't diagnosed until the 5th.

GD is only a real risk if it's not controlled and the biggest risk is a large baby. The other risks are very real but rare, especially when GD has been diagnosed and is controlled. You will be monitored closely.

It's easy to control in that if you are unable to do so with diet changes, you will be given medication to control it. I had insulin in my last pregnancy and am in insulin and metformin this time, it's impossible for me to control my levels with diet alone. Most women can diet control though.

MistyKnight Fri 10-May-13 18:31:06

Hi Eggy - I am 28+4 and also had a positive result this week for GD. I had my appointment today and feel a lot better now I know what to do. The unknown things are always scarier!

I'm watching your thread with interest.

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