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anyone else have a mum that Pees you off?

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HelenBackAgain Thu 09-May-13 13:48:24

I'm at my wits end with my mum. We told her not to tell ANYBODY until we were ready for the world to know.. She told her next door neighbour because "he won't tell anybody". Not the point!!! argh, I knew I shouldn't have told her because who else has she told and told them "not to say anything or let her know I told you". ?? So now that's caused arguments between me and oh.

And ever since I have told her I am pg she has done nothing but let me down. I asked her at the beginning of the week to make a drs appointment for wednesday for me.(She told me move to her drs in the first place and told me whenever I needed an appointment she would make app and take me because it's all the way in town. I knew I should have stayed with my drs around the corner!!) She rang two days early and they said call back on the day you want appointment. You see, my mum thinks she's the queen and thinks if she rings at any time she will get an app for when she wants. So my mum told me we'll make it for thursday because it's easier for her. She calls on wednesday rolls friggin' eyes she was told the same thing. So I then got a text this morning half an hour AFTER you're supposed to make a drs app and she "just woke up". So I ignored her and sent a snotty text a few hours later saying I'll make one myself for tomorrow.. OH and not to mention we could have gone on the wednesday because we were in town all day! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!

WHY is she being like this? I even said to my oh "I bet you any money she will let me down". Sure enough it's what she's doing.

What angers me the most is that I told her I will need to get in drs asap because I'm seeing stars already and think my bp is slightly high. Can't hear bugger all because my ears are blocked and I have terrible acid reflux (suffered with it for ages now) and dread to think what it'll be like in the months to come.

And to top everything off she is buying stuff already which just put the final nail in the coffin for me. I told her I'm not buying yet as it's too soon, but it's ok for her to?? With my first I didn't get to buy ANYTHING but clothes. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful I had a lot of help with my first, but you know when you want to buy things yourself second time around? And I was talking to her about this and how my Dad bought my DD's pram and she said she bought it! I was sat there for about 15 minutes telling her that she didn't and she started to get snotty with me telling me that she did!! Explaining it in full detail and everything. But I thought no, I'm right, I know who bought my own daughters bloody pram!! I wasn't backing down. Sick of them always "telling me". Sick to bloody death.

Sorry for the long rant but does anyone else have a mum like this??

"oh come to my doctors I'll take you whenever you need an app" Then you need an app and they're just messing you about. I mean all she had to say was no I can't take you, but no, a full week of piss taking and still no appointment. grrrrrr!

Sorry for going on one but I just needed to get this off my chest.

lexib Thu 09-May-13 13:58:41

That sound's like a major amount of meddling, butter imagine from her point of view its helpful (or something?!)
Sorry it's caused you arguments are home, it's natural too want to involve your own mum in your pregnancy. Meant part of me wonders if toy should just cut her out of the logistics part of pregnancy and just tell her everything after the fact? At the moment you're being lovely involving her, but you don't have to.
Not sure of that helps, but you're def not alone. No one has the capacity to annoy like your own mum

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