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Big boob girls help me out please!

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Neiffer Thu 09-May-13 12:59:02

Right, I'm trying to make some bra purchasing decisions and need some advice. I'm 31 weeks with dc2, currently roughly a 34hh/32j. Last child my boobs went up to 34l at their 'peak' and settled to a 32j by about 3 mths into b feeding. I desperately need to buy new bras now to a accommodate this months growth but don't want to buy more bras than I need to as skint! So my question is, the Anita underwired nursing bras, would they be supportive enough to wear now? My thinking is that they'll fit again once milk has setted down and I can buy a more giant sized one once milk comes in...we live miles from a post office so don't want to order to try out etc. any ideas? Also, do you think my boobs will grow as much as last time given that they've already substantially increased?!
Any advice appreciated smile

HazleNutt Thu 09-May-13 14:23:06

I bought the Anita and yes, I would say it's as supportive as a normal bra.

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