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15 weeks with baby number 3 and the size of a house!

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Xalla Thu 09-May-13 08:03:32

I'm just over 15 weeks with my third child and I'm huge. I didn't show with the first two until I was at least 20 weeks but with this pregnancy I put on weight all over from the word go and now my stomach is absolutely massive in the evenings; I looked like I was 6 months gone when I came back from a meal out last night. My ankles are really swollen by the end of the day too.

I've had several scans and baby's a normal size, just the one etc.

We've had a second trimester pregnancy loss in the past so we haven't 'gone public' yet and I'm still not ready to really but I've taken to wearing my husbands' hoodies to hide it since I caught a girlfriend really staring at my waistline the other day.

Is this normal for third pregnancies? Anyone else had similar? My DH actually asked me if I thought there might be something wrong when I got undressed last night! Could there be?

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