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Is this normal pregnancy or is there an underlying problem ?

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Hai1988 Wed 08-May-13 19:49:57

Just wondering if this is normal or is something going on that i should have checked out.
This has been happening for a few days now but
I have been having restless nights which i think is due to Bh's and have had back ache that sort of comes and goes tbh also sometimes my bump especially at the bottom will be really tender to touch and i will get PP type cramps.
Unsure of whether plug has come away slightly as a few weeks ago i have a few big creamy blobs on my pad but it had no blood or anything with it so i took it as just discharge but now im not so sure ?!

What do you reckon?

HumptyDumpty2 Wed 08-May-13 20:33:51

How many weeks are you?

Hai1988 Wed 08-May-13 20:44:38

Oh sorry thought i said, im 30 weeks plus 5 days

BabyHMummy Wed 08-May-13 21:59:01

With exception of discharge i have had this for last 24 hours. Saw mw today who out me on bed rest. Told me to take paracetamol and go back to bed. If got worse or carried on i have to report to triage. Ring your triage number in your maternity notes hun and soon if you're still having the cramps.

My cramps eased after paracetamol but the pain on touch and movement in the base of my tummy is still there. If ot is still like it tomorrow i am off to hospital

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