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Fibroid in pregnancy

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monniemae Wed 08-May-13 16:23:10

Just wondered if anyone else had experience of pregnancy with large, obstructive fibroid?

I'm 22 weeks and have a large fibroid on / attached to my cervix, blocking the exit (mostly). I've known about it yonks, was told pre-pregnancy to expect it might block vaginal exit. It's not on a stalk and I think it's a "subserous anterior fibroid". Measured 12 x 12 at 12 week scan but I think it's grown even more since then (can feel it).

I was told by GP and at first mw appointment to expect a referral to the consultant, that I'd see them by my second scan. However no one's referred me and the midwives since have been very dismissive of the reasons - I understand they must see a huge proportion of women with fibroids and that 99% of the time they aren't a problem. However the sonographer was clear that the type of fibroid I have, and where it is, is not going to be able to move out of the way. Presumably it may shrink but again the kind of fibroid makes that unlikely apparently.

At my last midwife appointment I asked again about complications, implications etc, and the midwife again was dismissive / unconcerned, saying that I'd get scanned again at 32, 36 weeks etc and they;d take a call on c section (which she thought was very very unlikely) at or after 38 weeks. She didn't look at the notes about where it is and the notes from sonographer and GP and earlier gynaecology reports.

I'm not really worried as I know whatever happens it will get addressed eventually, but am wondering at what point I should expect a consultant referral - to be frank, I don't know whether to resign myself to c section and come to terms with that, or if I should be getting ready for a birth that the midwife thinks I might not know isn't happening till at least 38 weeks.. If that makes sense... I'm also alarmed that no one has talked to me about complications although I've asked. Google tells me that I'm at increased risk of PPH and premature delivery but I've no idea if this is accurate or not!

Any thoughts from anyone who's had similar preg experiences? I am particularly anxious about premature labour risks.

BabyHMummy Wed 08-May-13 22:59:20

I would ring your antenatal clinic and ask to speak directly to a consultant or a senior midwife. Don't get them fob you off. The number should be in your notes.

huhpuh Thu 09-May-13 19:19:02

I've also got a fibroid but it's not in the way of the exit! I'm 35 weeks and I've just seen the consultant today so I think it is quite normal for them to wait until later in the pregnancy to decide what to do about fibroids. I hope this helps!

However, I would be a bit concerned about your midwife's attitude as mine highlighted it at the first appointment and got me all set up with the consultant from the start. I first saw the consultant at 16 weeks and then again today. For what it's worth, I think the position of the fibroid makes all the difference - mines not in the way so I'm down for a vaggy birth but if it blocks the exit, then I think a CS is more likely.

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