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I'm becoming a recluse

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pleaseletmesmile Wed 08-May-13 12:23:02

I am half way through my second pregnancy and fortunately all is well with the baby. Unlike my first pregnancy 3 years ago i now seem to have developed really bizarre and negative side effects. I seem to get irritated over the slightest thing (i don't take it out on anybody else) and i've become ridiculously sensitive to the way i feel others are towards me. If i could hide away until the babies born i would, however i have a job and my first child deserves normality to prevail.

I don't know why i have these nagative feelings and I worry that it could affect my unborn baby. This should be a happy time and to be honest I feel a bit miserable. Has anyone else felt anything similar during pregnancy?

Ilovestackingcups Wed 08-May-13 13:32:56

Hey, I'm in exactly the same position as you OP. I just keep reminding myself and DH this will all be over soon--ish--. I think for me it helps to have realised I am in this mood cycle, so I can if I try really hard step away from the rage every once in a while and force myself to be nice.

If you are worried about this developing into something more than just hormonal mood swings, it is never too soon to speak to a MW/GP/HV. I didn't with DC1 and it took me months to get my head straight again.

Good luck! smile

pleaseletmesmile Wed 08-May-13 20:03:34

Thanks Ilovestackingcups, It's helpful to know i'm not alone in having these mood swings. I always thought of myself as a nice, even tempered person so the random urge to lash out has caught me off guard.

I'll take your advice and have a word with my midwife, the last thing i want is to do is alienate everyone I know and give birth to a mini Mike Tyson.
Thanks you

Queazy Wed 08-May-13 21:13:29

It's definitely not just you smile I'm 24 weeks and having tricky mood swings. I'm trying to keep it under wraps but at the same time, I also think we need to be able to vent a bit. I'm going to share with my midwife and going to try to take it easier at work. I hope you get good support from your midwife and things get easier xx

wifey6 Thu 09-May-13 06:25:26

I can completely relate to this too. I'm 32 weeks & have had this on/off for weeks now. I mentioned it to a friend of mine & she said she was the same in her last pregnancy & it was just a phase.
Still worth a chat with a good friend in RL & MW for advice.

pleaseletmesmile Thu 09-May-13 09:26:07

Thanks ladies, it's certainly one of the stranger side effects of pregnancy. I think some deep breathing exercises and long walks may be in order.

We tend to attract a lot of attention as our waistline expands and if you are not comfortable being under scrutiny (one woman said to me "oh my God, you are huge!" .......this sort of comment is neither complimentary or constructive.) I live in a small community so it's impossible to go about your business unnoticed.

I am not an attention seeker and the thought of having to hide away for the next 20 weeks makes me sad and feel like I am overreacting and paranoid. It may however save some poor person who dares look at me the wrong way ending up receiving a tongue lashing!!

The sooner the baby arrives and this wave of tricky mood swings passes the better.

Best of luck ladies

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