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polyhydramnios and panicking

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elliejjtiny Wed 08-May-13 10:59:11

I'm 31+5 with DC4 who has a cleft lip and is currently breech. My bmi is high and I've had prolonged rupture of membranes with DS2 (104 hours) and DS3 (69 hours). GTT at 28 weeks was normal. No other complications unless you count the morning sickness that I still have but I normally have that until the birth anyway. I've been saying I feel like there was a lot of waters for a while as I'm huge.

Had a 4d scan at 28 weeks and waters were on the high end of normal. Growth scan yesterday showed waters off the chart and consultant said I have polyhydramnios. They did blood tests for rubella, slapped cheek, toxoplasmosis and herpes (pretty sure I haven't had any of those) and sent me on my way. I had a lot of waters with DS3 (fundal height was 42cm a week before waters went and 39cm the day my waters broke) but when the consultant checked my notes she said that a growth scan at 36 weeks had shown normal fluid levels.

I'm having a panic now about what's going to happen. I'm terrified of needing a c-section as my DS2 (aged 5) is a wheelchair user and needs a lot of lifting as does DS3 (aged 2). DH would have 2 weeks paternity leave and that would be it, I'd have to get on with it. Also from a practical point of view, very nervous about what will happen when my waters break, I'm imagining them going somewhere public and sand bags being needed! Will a mattress protector be enough or do I need towels as well?

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