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Fibroids and pregnancy

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WorriedMouse Tue 07-May-13 20:41:38


I had my 13 week scan today and the sonographer found a 2cm fibroid. She said it wasn't unusual and that they'd monitor it at 20 weeks. I left feeling not at all worried about it and told our news to friends and family. Now I'm home, I googled it - stupid, I know. Now I'm reading about loss in 2nd trimester and other awful things. Does anyone have any experience of this? Got a consultant appointment in a few weeks so will mention it then.

sanityawol Tue 07-May-13 21:03:05

I had a fibroid that was discovered at 28 weeks when DS turned and gave it a good kicking in the process. Until this time I didn't know it was there.

This caused a fair amount of pain and some tightening. I had a routine midwife the next morning and mentioned it then. After a bit of a prod she decided that she wanted me to go to the labour ward to get monitored... Scared the crap out of me, as her last words to me as I left were "and if it's early labour they can give you some steroids"

Was on the monitor for a while and scanned, and as the fibroid wasn't too big and was high up and out of the way then it was worth being aware of but not a concern. Had DS not decided to stay put for two weeks past his due date leading to me being induced, I would have given birth at the local midwife led unit.

Like you and many others I made the mistake of googling... Don't! There are so many worst case scenarios and a lot of them are bloody scary. Ask on here or speak to your midwife.

Congratulations btw.

IWroteToTheZoo Tue 07-May-13 22:41:00

I had the same thing in my first pregnancy, they found 3 fibroids at the 12 week scan. I was told it was quite common and usually no problem, although there's a risk they can cause heavier than normal bleeding in labour, so for that reason I wasn't allowed to go to the midwife-led centre at our hospital for the birth but had to be on the ward.

I had no problems related to the fibroids during the pregnancy or birth. When I was planning on getting pregnant again I asked my GP to refer me for a scan to make sure they hadn't grown. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant again and GP seems to think they're nothing to worry about. smile

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